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A 911-emergency receiving facility is the next step, but Long Beach lacks a full hospital for now.

What better way to celebrate the Independence Day than by attending one of the many fireworks shows hosted across Long Island this weekend?

His 12th and final term will end on his 81st birthday on New Year's Eve.

Authorities said the men manufactured and sold knock-off baby oil, sanitary pads and cold medicine, among other items.

“The risk of infection from this is extremely low, nonetheless, out of an abundance of caution, the hospital is recommending that patients receiving the notification be tested.”

The 25-year-old victim was driving alone when he stuck a utility pole early Sunday.

The suspect's alleged getaway driver was arrested shortly after the incident in November.

The 64-year-old victim was driving alone when his vehicle crashed into a tree in East Rockaway.

Senior citizens and physically challenged voters in select towns can hop a taxi for free from 10 a.m. to 3p.m. Tuesday.

The 60-year-old suspect allegedly doused the back of Phat Daddy's bar with a flammable liquid and lit it on fire last week.