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“I’m a bad woman but I’m damn good company!”

“We don’t want to ever lose our home-brew spirit."

“We have motherhood. We have death. We have joy."

The Valley Stream-raised comedian made his name on Saturday Night Live as “Goat Boy,” a half-human, half-goat character.

Comedians, rock legends, New York Times bestselling authors, and more. Get out there, LI!

"I thought he was a glamorized S.O.B.”

"Standardized exposes the damage an education reform based on numbers and profits has on our children and schools."

Partisan politics will put Long Island voters in the crosshairs in 2014.

Cassata, born a female, never set out to be a renegade; he just wanted to be himself.

“Don’t be silly, dear! There was no Underground Railroad here because there was no slavery on Long Island.”