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Steven Romeo, the pickup truck driver, stayed at the crash scene for 15 minutes and spoke to several responding officers before he allegedly walked away and climbed over a nearby six-foot-high fence.

Detectives seized hundreds of pounds of 11 different strains of marijuana with names such as “Girl Scout Cookies,” “Death Star,” “Jack the Ripper” and “Green Crack.”

The arsonist will spend a year in a psychiatric facility as a part of a plea deal.

The elected Superintendent of Highways for the Town of Smithtown was arrested Wednesday for allegedly covering up that a paving project he ordered had...

Calling the Town of Islip home is not all the two environmental crises share in common.

Four companies were also charged with illegally dumping toxic debris.

Authorities rounded up 22 people busted in an alleged drug dealing ring that supplied eastern Long Island.

“Motorists who repeatedly drive drunk are a danger to themselves and everyone else on the road."

“We believe that the same individuals responsible for the dumping at Roberto Clemente Park are also responsible for the dumping at the Rt. 111 site."