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Troubled Waters: Cause for Concern?

The concern comes amid a steady drumbeat of headlines about tests revealing chemicals in local public drinking water wells from the Hamptons to the Gold Coast.

Proxima b: Second Habitable Earth Discovered Near Proxima Centauri

Though Proxima b has a much closer orbit to Proxima Centauri than Mercury does to our Sun, its star is much fainter, therefore, this new world lies “well within the habitable zone around the star and has an estimated surface temperature that would allow the presence of liquid water.”

Cuomo’s Plan to Study Long Island’s Water Woes a Baby Step...

Recently Gov. Andrew Cuomo came to Stony Brook University to announce a major initiative to address New York’s water woes. His proposal would allocate $6 million for a new comprehensive groundwater study for Long Island to further examine levels of saltwater intrusion and chemical contamination–essentially the byproducts of over-pumping our aquifer and not having enough sewers.