NFL Combine: NFL Combine Begins Thursday

Over 300 of the top prospects in college football will descend on the NFL scouting combine with the hopes of impressing teams and improve their position going into the draft.

The combine, at Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis, will test the skills of these athletes as they show off their speed in the 40-yard-dash and other drills so scouts can grade their athleticism.

It doesn’t, however, mean that the best athlete will be the best football player once they get into the NFL, and teams keep that in mind as they grade these college athletes.

Auburn quarterback Cam Newton said he will take part in the combine as teams try to figure out what kind of quarterback he will be in the NFL.

The Carolina Panthers have the number one pick in this years draft after only winning two games this past season.

Die hard NFL fans can keep on an eye their favorite college players on NFL.com or watch the combine on the NFL Network.