Earth Day 2011: Solar Dancing Flowers


IMG01071 20110421 1007There are many things that can be displayed on your desk to make your work day a little more exciting. For instance, a leg lamp. An Andy Warhol mug. A bobble Sailor Jerry hula girl. A Betty Boop figurine. OK, maybe that’s just us. But here’s one we think everyone will appreciate, especially this Earth Day: a solar dancing flower.

That’s right. Remember those dancing flowers in the ’80s, the ones that were noise activated and would start dancing the minute music came on? Well, this is not that. It’s even better.

The solar dancing flower requires no water, just a little bit of sun. When sunlight hits the little solar panel on its flower pot the leaves move up and down. No artificial energy required.

A solar dancing flower will run you on average about $5 and can be found at most CVS locations.

Happy Earth Day!