Nassau County PD: Show Us The Money



Many former and current members of the NCPD tell the Press they are worried about its future. The people now running the department all have ties to the distribution of internal funds, or are civilians who have generously donated to department projects.

There is Acting Commissioner Krumpter, who under Mulvey ran the personnel and accounting office, which is responsible for the distribution of budgeted funds. There is Deputy Commissioner Flanagan, who was appointed to head the asset forfeiture bureau, charged with allocating what has historically been millions of dollars in forfeiture money.

NCPD’s two assistant commissioners, David Mack and Robert Codignotto, are president and co-chair of the Nassau County Police Foundation, a private-public nonprofit that actively fundraises within Nassau County police headquarters. [Only recently did it begin listing its board members to the public following a March 31 Press cover story calling for transparency.]

As Inspector General Biben’s investigation continues into the intricacies of what led to and perpetuated the crime lab nightmare and while more and more former and current police, lab personnel and county officials are questioned, all hope the truth will eventually come out.

Regarding asset forfeiture funds, it’s really just a matter of answering a simple question: Where’s the money?

“When asked about things, you’re going to close your doors?” asks Nassau Criminal Courts Bar Association’s Kephart.

“How are we supposed to have confidence in you? How are the people who pay your salaries supposed to?

“It’s arrogant,” he continues. “It’s really arrogant.”