Lindsey Vonn Wins ESPY, Takes Pic with Justin Bieber

Seth Meyers
Screenshot from ESPY video
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Screenshot from ESPY video

Female athletes are all the craze right now especially with the United States women’s World Cup team advancing to the finals for a showdown with Japan on Sunday.

During last night’s ESPY’s the category for best Female Athlete was announced and the winner was gold medal skier, Lindsey Vonn. This was the skiers second straight ESPY for Best Female Athlete.

Vonn grabbed headlines during the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics after winning the Gold in Downhill despite suffering from an injury.

“Wow, thank you so much this means so much to me,” Vonn said, according to the U.S. Ski Team website.

And if winning an ESPY for Best Athlete wasn’t enough, Vonn took time out to give a shout out to popular pop-singer Justin Bieber, who was in attendance for the annual sports award show on ESPN.

After her shout out to the Beebs, Vonn took a picture with the singer backstage while holding her 2011 ESPY Award.

Apparently Vonn is a big fan of the “Baby” singer and in the caption of the photo she says, “I finally got my Justin Bieber pic! :).”

It’s safe to say that thousands of Bieber’s fans are jealous of the picture, but Vonn received over 1,100 likes on Facebook after posting it Wednesday night.

The ESPY’s was hosted by Saturday Night Live’s Seth Meyers who teased San Francisco Giants closer Brian Wilson about his overflowing beard. Wilson arrived at the ESPY’s Wednesday night doing his best Lady Gaga impersonation wearing a skin-tight tuxedo. Meyers also took a shot at the Miami Heat saying Lebron James, Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh “refer to themselves as the big three in honor of how many quarters they play.” He continued by congratulating the Dallas Mavericks for finally bringing a title to the “city of Cleveland.”

Meyers even brought up reality star Kim Kardashian saying, she’s dating a New Jersey Net because she’s “tired of dating pro athletes.”

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