Christine O’Donnell Walks Out of Piers Morgan Interview [Video]

Christine O’Donnell walks out of interview
Christine O’Donnell walks out of interview leaving half the screen black
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Christine O'Donnell walks out of interview leaving half the screen black

Delaware Republican Christine O’Donnell took some time out to do an interview with CNN’s Piers Morgan to discuss her new book—or so she thought.

O’Donnell walked out of the interview after Morgan asked the politician about her view on gay marriage.

The host looked stunned as O’Donnell walked out of the interview, leaving one side of the split-screen dark.

Morgan began the interview by asking O’Donnell, who ran for U.S. Senate last year, about her views on same-sex marriage and she immediately sounded off, saying, she didn’t come on the show to talk about policy.

“You’re borderline being a little bit rude,” she said, in the video released by CNN. “I obviously want to talk about the issues that I choose to talk about in the book.”

When asked if she answers that question in the book, O’Donnell responds, “I talk about my religious beliefs in the book, yeah.”

Morgan defended his question by telling her the gay marriage issue is a “highly contentious political issue,” that others politicians like Tea Party candidate Michele Bachmann have addressed.

O’Donnell responded by saying she’s discussed the issue before, adding, she would rather answer questions about the book titled,Troublemaker: Let’s Do What It Takes to Make America Great Again.

“What I’m trying to do is promote a book that I hope to be a very inspirational story to people that are part of the Tea Party movement, so they can continue in this movement to bring America back to the second American Revolution.”

Of course, that didn’t stop the host, who then responded by asking her a question about “Don’t ask, Don’t tell.” Once again, she stuck to her guns, and let out a laugh before saying, “I’m not talking about policies, I’m not running for office, ask Michele Bachmann what she thinks.”

After Morgan defended his line of questions once more, O’Donnell said, “Well don’t you think as a host, if I say this is what I want to talk about, this is what we should address?”

“Not really, no, you’re a politician,” he responded. The guest then said she’s “being pulled away.”

Half of the screen went black, leaving Morgan alone.

But at the end, he still plugged O’Donnell’s book.

“Anyway it’s a good book, it’s called ‘Troublemaker,’ I think we now know why it’s called troublemaker.”