Chely Wright And Lauren Blitzer Marry


Chely Wright has made it official with girlfriend, Lauren Blitzer, after revealing her sexuality just a little over a year ago.

Wright shared the good news through her Twitter. She posted a wedding photo, showing both Wright and Blitzer in gowns. Alongside the photo link was a Twitter post that read, “Right before we walked out for the ceremony. Xo RT“@lulublitzer: The Blitzer-Wrights!!!”

The ceremony took place Saturday, August 20 in Connecticut. On Saturday, before the ceremony, she tweeted,”What a beautiful day for a wedding!”

Wright became engaged to LGBT rights advocate Lauren Blitzer in April.

The country star, Wright, 40, is best known for her single “Shut Up and Drive,” and “Single White Female” and also for becoming the first country star to come out of the closet.  Back in 2010, Wright revealed that she was a lesbian. Her reasoning for coming out was in part to free herself from the burdens of living a lie and also to lend support to gay children and teenagers.

When announcing her sexuality, Wright also revealed that it’s not acceptable in Country music. She even stated that Country music would rather an artist be a drunk. According to L. A. Times, Wright said that coming out didn’t help her career and her sales were down from her last studio album.

In 2000, Wright went against her sexuality and dated singer Brad Paisley. Afterwards, in her autobiography, she expressed remorse for how she treated him and how she had no business being in a relationship with him.


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