Top 10 Tuesday: Long Island Date Spots

Prime Huntington
Prime Huntington

So, you’ve just landed yourself an amazing date for this weekend, but there’s one problem: you have no idea where to go.

The Long Island Press is here to help.

This week, we have an early Christmas present for you, the Top 10 list of Long Island Date Spots.

Long Island boasts many things and that includes rocking date spots: From an antique theme park to a movie theater that provides the ultimate in privacy—these spots are sure to help you impress your date, because that’s all that really matters, right?

Now, this list won’t actually guarantee you get some action, but it may lay the groundwork for a budding relationship, kind of like Patti Stanger (Million Matchmaker) does with her clients. But unlike Stanger, we charge no bank-breaking fee, instead, all we ask is that you continue to check out our Top 10 lists.

So no need to Google “Long Island Date Spots,” instead, click ahead.

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You can thank us later.