Nicki Minaj ‘Starships’ Released (Video)

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Picture 16Nicki Minaj premiered her new song “Roman Holiday” Sunday night at the Grammy Awards but she’s back Tuesday with a new release.

The famous female rapper unveiled a whole new tune today called ‘Starships.’

The song was produced by RedOne and takes on a dance vibe.

“I’m on the floor, I love to dance,” sings Minaj in the new song. “Give me more till I can’t stand.”

Ryan Seacrest premiered the new song that comes off of Minaj’s upcoming second album “Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded.”

“Starships were meant to fly, hands up, and touch the sky,” sings Minaj. “Can’t stop, cause we’re so high, let’s do this one more time.”

“Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded” is set to be released April 3.

“Get on the floor, floor, like it’s your last chance, if you want more, more, then here I am,” sings Minaj.

Minaj debuted her new song “Roman Holiday” Sunday night at the Grammy Awards. It was one of the most talked about performances of the night.

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The rapper who appeared to be possessed by a demon and needed that demon out, appeared on stage with blonde hair and a black dress.

During the performance, Minaj brought out her alter ego, Roman, who was fighting the demon inside. Most impressive about the performance, was that she was able to rap while doing demonic dancing and at one point, levitating.

Nicki Minaj’s performance of new song “Roman Holiday” was given mixed reviews, from her use of a priest (including on the red carpet) and the exorcism event itself.

Check it out.

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