Adele Gives Middle Finger At Brit Awards (Video)

Adele Gives Finger
(Credit: Dylan Martinez / Reuters)
Adele Gives Finger
(Credit: Dylan Martinez / Reuters)

M.I.A may have been the first entertainer of the year to controversially give the middle finger, but Adele did it with a little more style at the Brit Awards in London.

The British songstress had just won six Grammys earlier this month and the British award ceremony was a kind of homecoming after she had a remarkably successful year due to her extraordinary album 21 and soulful songs like “Rolling in the Deep.”

The six Grammys she won in L.A. last week was a feat only matched by superstar Beyonce.

On Tuesday night while Adele was in the middle of her acceptance speech for winning the best album award after she had already won best British female, host James Cordon cut her off because veteran British band Blur was waiting to perform.

Adele had just been telling the audience how proud she was to be British and how amazing it felt to be accepting the award for best album on her home turf when Corden interrupted her.

“Are you about to cut me off?”Adele said a little astonished and clearly annoyed to host Corden. She then turned her back to the host, faced the audience and said, “Can I just say then, goodbye and I’ll see you next time around.”

She smirked and promptly “flipped the bird” as the crowd began to roar with boos.

Show host Corden ignored Adele and the crowd and introduced an 11 minute performance by British pop stars Blur.

Concerned she may have offended her British fans, Adele explained the gesture was not meant for them but that she gave the middle finger to display her frustration at the “suits” who controlled Britain’s music awards, which were took place at the O2 Arena in London.

The Brit Awards sent their apologies to Adele on Wednesday for rushing her off the stage as she accepted the top award of the ceremony.

Corden, who is a comedian, also apologized for being the one who had to step in and actually cut her off from her speech, explaining that Blur were waiting to perform.

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