Oprah and Jimmy Kimmel Video: Post-Oscar Skits

Oprah Fight Club
(Credit: ABC)

After the Oscar show Sunday night Oprah and Jimmy Kimmel banned together to produce a series of skits for Kimmel’s post-Oscar show.

When Kimmel is interviewing Oprah he asks her what it’s like to start her own network and she describes it as a fascinating experience, since she has to think of ideas and programs that the audience would find interesting. Kimmel, wanting to help or just being facetious, has a few ideas of his own that he goes on to share with Oprah. He pitched her some shows that would be either controversial or entirely hilarious if they did ever hit the airwaves.

In a skit, where Oprah it sitting high at her desk and Kimmel is sitting low to the ground in a miniature seat, he proposes that Oprah takes back all of her favorite things that she had given away to her audiences. He titles it as “Oprah Repos Her Favorite Things,” and Oprah steals a car yelling, “I get a car! I get a caaaar!”

He also suggests “The Jimmy and Oprah Interview,” where the two hosts interview Jennifer Aniston at the same exact time, confusing the actress.

Of course, the absolute greatest show idea was for the “Book Club Fight Club.” Let’s just say you don’t want to question Oprah’s knowledge of “To Kill A Mockingbird” or she will go nuts on you.

Probably, the funniest idea Kimmel pitched to Oprah was “Book Club Fight Club” where a person in her book club questions her opinion on “To Kill A Mockingbird.” Oprah ultimately fights everyone in her book club yelling and screaming as only Oprah could.

Take a look at the videos to see Oprah and Jimmy Kimmel team up for a few a laughs.

What do you think about the skits Oprah and Jimmy Kimmel performed together?

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