Lindsay Lohan Dyes Her Hair Red! (Photo)

Lindsay Lohan Red
(Credit: Fern/Splash News)
Lindsay Lohan Red
(Credit: Fern/Splash News)

Whoa! It looks like Lindsay Lohan is really trying to get it together!

LiLo just recently stepped out rocking some red locks. For a year and a half Lindsay was sporting her platinum blonde hair, which was a year and a half too long as far as we’re concerned.

She looks natural and healthy with her new red ‘do, it brings out her freckles! It’s definitely reminding us of Lindsay Lohan in her heyday.

The last time she was in public, the paparazzi thought they were shooting some pics of Lindsay when it turned out to be 66-year-old Debbie Harry! I’m sure that didn’t sit too well with the 25-year-old “Mean Girls” star. Especially since she’s been trying to get on the right track.

Though it’s been a slow road to a full recovery for Lindsay, it seems like she’s really trying to make an effort as of late.

She got mixed reviews when she guest starred on “Saturday Night Live” where she light-heartedly poked fun at herself, but Lindsay didn’t let the haters get her down. Even though she knew her performance wasn’t “perfect,” she didn’t think she did a horrible job the way others made it out to be.

Lindsay has also been staying on top of her community service, putting her in the law’s good graces which is never a bad thing.

So between her community service, appearing on Saturday Night Live and dying her hair back to red it seems Lindsay is doing everything she can to make it big in the film industry, again.

It’s not a bad time to start staying out of trouble especially since she landed a role in a Lifetime film based on the life of Elizabeth Taylor.

Do you think Lindsay is going to be able to turn her career around?