The ‘Bachelor’ Ben Flajnik Makes Up With Courtney Robertson (Video)

(Credit: Poponthepop.com)
(Credit: Poponthepop.com)

Even though Ben pulled out all the stops when he proposed to Courtney among the majestic mountaintops of Zermatt, Switzerland, Ben Flajnik and Courtney Robertson’s romance was not able to make it through her catty behavior, as “The Bachelor’s After Final Rose” special Monday night.

“It’s been a rough ride,” Ben revealed to the host Chris Harrison. He was talking about everything that has happened since the final show was taped. Even though Courtney apologized for the way she had been acting towards to other girls on the show, Ben still could not believe the way he saw his new finance behaving.

“The woman that I saw on TV isn’t the Courtney that I know,” he said, adding, “Those are the moments and the instances that led to Courtney and I not talking for a time while the show aired. We were essentially broken up.”

When Courtney had her turn to speak she revealed that the reason the two of the them split up was because there was a “trust that’s been lost,” but even though there was some trust that had been lost she said the two are trying to make the most out of their relationship.

“We’re engaged. We’re in a good place,” Ben explained to the audience on “The Bachelor’s After Final Rose.” “Now that the main part of the show, and all the negativity is gone, it can only get better..The root of the problem was us not being able to be with each other and talk about these things.”

Ben clearly wants to make the engagement work because he admitted to Courtney that he was wrong for taking a break form their relationship when the series was airing on television.

He must have realized that what they had was real because he said ,”There was never anything wrong with us. What’s wrong was everything that surrounded us.”

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