Jermaine Jones Kicked Off ‘American Idol’

Jermaine Jones
(Credit: Fox News)
Jermaine Jones
(Credit: Fox News)

“American Idol’s” Jermaine Jones shot at winning the title is over.

Jones is set to be kicked off the show on Wednesday night after producers found out that he had been arrested twice and additionally has outstanding warrants.

The idol contestant lied about his troubles with the law to producers of American Idol, and that’s not the first time he lied.

TMZ reported that Jones lied about he real name both times he was arrested, and they also added that Jones was in trouble with the law due to violence, which worried producers even more.

Although Jones claims that he never said this to producers, they are claiming that he said his father abandoned him when he was ten years old. According to TMZ, his father called his bluff and announced that was a blatant lie. He said he sees his son regularly.

The vocal-instructor announced via twitter that he would no longer continue to appear on the show.

He wrote a similar tweet through his “Idol” Twitter account: “Awww I will no longer b on the show.”

The tweet from the “Idol” account was later deleted and Fox reps refused to comment.

The last song that Jermaine Jones was able to sing on “American Idol” was Stevie Wonders, “You Knock Me Off My Feet,” a rendition that not many voters were pleased with.

Jones who is from Pine Hill, New Jersey and is also known on the show as the “gentle giant,” a name given to his by the host of “American Idol” Ryan Seacrest, was in the bottom three last for receiving the least amount of votes.

He’s not the first “Idol” contestant to be disqualified, Frenchie Davis was kicked off the second season of the show for appearing on an adult website.

Do you think Jermaine Jones should be allowed to stay on the show?