Screams Heard In Trayvon Martin 911 Call (Audio)

470 2299794.0The 911 call that caught the fatal shot that left 17-year-old Trayvon Martin dead has sparked new outrage across the nation.

The 911 call came on February 26 from a woman in the gated community in Sanford, Florida where she reported, and listeners can hear, screams for help as well as a gunshot.

According to reports, forensic voice identification experts say they believe voice heard crying for help before the fatal shot was not that of George Zimmerman.

The screaming voice is believed by many to be young Martin, who Zimmerman previously told police attacked him from behind and slammed his head into the ground and ultimately left Zimmerman no choice but to shoot him in self defense.

Reportedly, Zimmerman previously told cops he screamed for help during the physical encounter. But one of the experts said he believed it was Martin screaming, “That’s a young man screaming” he said, reported MSNBC.

On February 26, the 28-year-old neighborhood watch captain was patrolling a gated Sanford, Florida community when he reported Martin as a “suspicious guy” wearing a hoodie.

Shortly after the 911 call, Martin died of a gunshot to his chest. Martin was later reportedly found with no weapons instead only skittles and an iced tea.

The incident has since garnered nationwide attention and the fact that Zimmerman was taken into custody but released later that night (Police cited Florida’s “Stand Your Ground” law) and still remains free has enraged many.

Currently according to Examiner.com, the U.S. Department of Justice and the FBI are investigating for potential civil rights violations, while a special task force has been established to handle the criminal aspect of the killing.

Last week, another video depicting George Zimmerman in an unfavorable light was released. In a police video obtained by ABC, Zimmerman is seen getting out of the cop car, being inspected by one police officer and being led inside.

The video takes place at the Sanford Police Department and added more controversy to the case as there’s clearly no evidence of cuts or bruises on his head or face after he reportedly told cops he was attacked by Martin.

Take a listen.