“Celebrities Read Mean Tweets” (Video)

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Screenshot from YouTube video.

All Twitter users know well that posts on the social media website can be dangerous. But while users fire them off left and right, do they really consider the celebrity they mentioned may read them?

Television host Jimmy Kimmel took this into consideration and during a segment of his show, in which he had various celebrities read off insulting tweets users posted recently.

“Celebrities in particular get a lot of abuse on the Internet, especially on Twitter,” said Kimmel before launching a hilarious segment. “Some people write very harsh things to famous people without even thinking about the fact that they are people.”

That’s when they decided to turn the tables on the mean tweeters. Danny McBride appeared on the screen and began reading a tweet.

“If Mike Piazza’s hair caught fire and someone put it out with a cast iron skillet, you’d have Danny McBride,” he said.

Then, James Van Der Beek came onscreen and read another tweet, this time one about him.

“There’s a new show where James Van Der Beek plays James Van Der Beek. Guys get your backpacks and boots this is the apocalypse I’m sure of it,” he said.

Pop star Katy Perry was in the hotseat next.

“I would rather chop my arm off and f*** myself with my detached limb than watch “Katie perry the movie” What the f*** is wrong with the world,” she said.

Other celebrities including Larry King, Matt Leblanc and David Spade read equally insulting tweets about themselves aloud. Reality stars such as Snooki from Jersey Shore also shared mean Twitter posts from users.

“If you climbed inside Snooki’s vagina it would probably be like the f****** pacific ocean,” she said.

Some celebrities replied to the tweets like Zooey Deschanel, who read a tweet that she is “overrated.”

“I think I’m underrated,” she retorted.

Kristen Stewart fired back after reading a tweet about a fan liking her more when she was a boy. She scratched her crotch.

Matt Leblanc, after reading his insulting tweet about looking old, replied: “Why don’t you go f*** yourself.”

Check it out.