The Rundown: Long Island’s Random Weekly To-Do List July 26 – August 2


29RunDown LadyGaga1. YOUTUBE “LADY GAGA FAME – FORMULATION”: The first of it’s kind in “fluid technology,” black like “the soul of fame,” but invisible once airborne, made from “pulverized apricot” and “tears of Belladonna,” and concocted by mostly naked, leather-clad men—this fragrance could belong to none other than Lady Gaga. It’s even got it’s own trailer. Check it out.

29 RUNDOWN2SUBSTITUTE ART2. RESCUE A LOVING CAT OR DOG: Pets4Luv Foundation, a nonprofit, volunteer-run animal rescue group dedicated to helping stray, injured and abused animals find their new “forever” homes, is being evicted from its current residence at Sunrise Mall in Massapequa on July 30. Stop by and bring home one or two of the several canines and roughly 50 felines who are now in truly desperate need of foster or permanent loving families. Show your support for Pets4Luv’s mission at a July 28 fundraiser at Wantagh Lanes from 7 to 9 p.m. and check out www.pets4luv.org or the group’s Facebook page for more information.

29RunDown Shooting Star3. WISH UPON A STAR: B.o.B and that chick from Paramore can keep their airplanes, we’ve got real shooting stars. Southold’s Custer Observatory hosts an overnight meteor shower viewing party the evening of Saturday, July 28. The Southern Delta Aquariids Meteor Shower will peak overnight into July 29 and this shower is known to be a strong one, with an average meteor observation rate of 15 to 20 per hour. And speaking of wishing upon a star…

9RunDown DisneyAirFresh4. BUY DISNEY SMELLS: If you’ve ever wanted to take home the scent of Mickey Mouse ice cream or Frontierland turkey legs, you’re in luck. Beginning in August, Disney will debut four air fresheners available in its theme parks: Mickey’s Waffle, Candy Apple, Mickey Mouse Premium Ice Cream Bar and Turkey Legs. We’re not sure about the turkey leg, but we wouldn’t mind driving down the LIE with the smell of the Soarin’ ride’s orange orchards hanging off our rearview mirror. Hint, hint…

29RunDown RollyBrush5. GOOGLE “ROLLY TOOTHBRUSH”: Yes, a trip to the Internet can yield some interesting results. The Rolly Toothbrush is exactly that—interesting. It’s a chewable, disposable small rubber disc covered with 276 mini spikes, acting as the world’s smallest toothbrush and allowing users to clean their teeth wherever they are. It even has a minty taste that freshens your breath! Unfortunately, it’s only available in the UK, but you can import it online from its retailer, Modern Gent. Though at around $1 per brush, it might be prudent to save them for “emergency” situations.

29RunDown SchoolSupplies6. DONATE SCHOOL SUPPLIES: If you’ve got any sneakers, sweatshirts, jeans, pencils, backpacks, or notebooks to donate, or if you just want to make a monetary donation, you can head over to familyandchildrens.org to help those struggling to prepare for a new school year. And if you’re already buying school supplies, why not pick up a few extra notebooks and help out some local families in need?

29RunDown KimTalkingClock7. BUY KIM THE TALKING CLOCK AT UNCOMMONGOODS.COM: Inspired by science fiction, Kim is the wall alarm clock that literally “tells” time. Simply press on her button nose, and Kim’s eyes light up red as she states the exact time in a quintessential robot voice. With her gold metallic curls, green speaker mouth and her dedication to announcing the precise time whenever prompted, Kim the Talking Clock is, well, awesome. Added bonus: Set the alarm and wake up to a recording of a rooster crowing. And speaking of robots…

29RunDown RobotHumanExpression8. GOOGLE “ITALIAN FACE ROBOT”: A group of scientists in Italy have created a robot that is capable of showing anger, fear, disgust, happiness, sadness and surprise. It takes 32 motors to control all of it, and the result is the most convincing robotic human face we’ve ever seen. There’s a video, so you can see for yourself just how realistic this robot is. And no, it’s not Demi Moore…

29RunDown EndAPP9. DOWNLOAD “THE END APP”: The world is ending so you’d better run like hell, collect duct tape and buy goodies for your survival camp—all on your smartphone. Once the streets are deserted, everything is covered in lava and you are alone. You will be guided through 14 days with five challenges for each day. Practice with free-runs for a challenge or buy boosters to take the edge off, but never, ever take your eyes off the duct tape!

29RunDown Cheesecake10. CELEBRATE NATIONAL CHEESECAKE DAY: It’s Christmas in July! Well, sorta. Since you’re already going to hell with yourself anyway eating that Donut Dog up there…The Cheesecake Factory is giving dine-in guests any slice of cheese cake for half price on July 30, in honor of National Cheesecake Day. And check out the new Oreo Dream Extreme Cheesecake, debuting the same day—a layer of vanilla cheesecake loaded with Oreo cookies, layers of moist fudge cake and Oreo cookie mousse, topped with milk chocolate and a cookie wafer. You’re welcome.

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