That Song ‘Thrift Shop’ Done by an Acapella Fivesome is Freakin’ Aweeesommmmmmmeee. (See what I did there?)

Thrift\ Shop - Macklemore Ryan Lewis Cover by Pentatonix

Hi again. Glad all three of you are back for another episode of The Buzz. We call these daily stories of cool The Buzz but don’t really advertise that. So, it’s like you’re “in the know.”

How hipstery!

Speaking of places hipsters buy clothes from, you know that song that’s on lots of radio stations called “Thrift Shop?” ….

No? It’s by Macklemore and Ryan Lewis.

No, Macklemore is not a fish.


No. Not Jerry Lewis! God, you’re old!

Anyway, for those of you in the know who are doubly in the know, here’s a rendition of “Thrift Shop” by Pentatonix, a highly talented vocal quintet. (Not the thing you draw on the floor to summon demons. Thanks editor!)

Whether or not they have a life outside of doing this sort of thing is under review, but they’re freakin’ awesommmmmme.

(That’s a line from the song. Get it now?)

Too bad insanely awesome internet covers never help anyone get into the music business.

Hm? Oh. Right. Hi Karmin!