People Try and Cheer Up New Yorkers, Most New Yorkers Couldn’t Care Less



Here is something that is both smile-inducing and disheartening at the same time.

(Kinda like the smallpox joke I made in my last entry.)

A group of people, whose identity and intentions are largely unknown (read: I am too lazy to research it much) decided to flank the tunnels of a New York City subway station, and spew unadulterated cheer at unsuspecting passersby, scurrying un-merrily along on their daily commuting way.

No, they weren’t glitter-bombing or handing out free samples of dollars, but they were cheering. Loudly and voraciously. (Voraciously may not be the right word here, but I like it, and I’m also too lazy to look up its real meaning. I’m pretty sure I mean vociferously, but the same sentence applies, so use whichever one you think is more righter.)

Anyway, most of the people passering-by don’t give the ass of a rat they just saw on the tracks moments ago, but some can’t help but to smile, wave, and in rare bouts of almost-unheard-of New Yorker revelry, high five the good-natured cheerer-onners.

I suspect this says something, sociologically, about people. My guess is that the people who just walked through like, “whatever,” are more unhappy than not, whereas those who participate with the participatents, are happy!

Or high.

Yeah, probably high.

If I was there, and not high, I would have gone with the low-down-handslaps-thing, running along the length of the line of folks as if I were emerging to my name being called over the loudspeakers at a basketball game. (You do know what I mean, right?)

Or, I thought, maybe I would have sidled up to the wall myself, joining this happy bunch by also clapping voluptuously at everyone who passed by.

(Yes, this time I used a big V word incorrectly on purpose, cuz it’s funny. You see what I did there?)

Anyway, you don’t come here to read what I write (Do you? If so, I love you. Most people just skip to the video. I hate them. Yes, that includes you M and B. (Those are my kids. But I’m just kidding, because they read what I write. But it’s only because I MAKE THEM! You’re grounded.)), so check it out!

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