Drunk Wife + Joke + Animation = Hilarity (Must-See Video)

Two Chips - Drunk Wife joke animation

I remember that time when my (ex)wife was sooo drunk, and told that really funny story about hating my guts and me being absolutely worthless. Ha. I still laugh about it to this day.

Then there was the time my wife was soooooo drunk and left with the kids, furniture and all, moving out while I was at work. Hahaha, now THAT was funny…


OK, that’s right. She was totally sober for that one. But still! Just pure comedy gold, no?

Well, here’s an also-funny-while-drunk-but-way-less-malicious wife telling a joke to her husband. He was brilliant enough to record it and animate it.

It is very funny. Even funnier than me taking my ex-wife to court and winning custody of the kids. (That’s called a “last laugh” by the way).

Now that I’ve told you way too much about me, enjoy these funny, drunk, talented strangers:

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