Dear Most Parents: You Are Boring.


… well, at least compared to the creatively cool inventors of Dinovember!

Admittedly, I am a couple of days late, as this has been floating around for a couple of days (I mean, even Jaime Franchi has probably seen it by now…) but that’s OK because your nana probably doesn’t peruse Buzzfeed too much and when she sees this she will squeal in elderly delight.


Of course, my first choice was to share the video from Toronto mayor Rob Ford’s latest press conference…

But nana wouldn’t have approved.

So, parents, click these words, and go read about these amazing people and see what they’ve done to make me declare all you other parents, boring.

And parents, I’m sorry for making you feel inadequate. I’m sure your children love you just as much as theirs do.

Then again, probably not. Because dinosaurs!

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