Bryan Cranston on ‘Breaking Bad’ Return: Never Say Never

Breaking Bad
Jesse Pinkman (Left) and Walter White (Right) kick back after cooking. (Photo credit: AMC Breaking Bad/Facebook)

Can’t believe we still have to say this: major spoiler alert.

The good folks in Albuquerque, New Mexico may have jumped the gun when they memorialized a cancer-stricken teacher-turned-maniacal-drug-kingpin with a mock funeral when “Breaking Bad” went off the air last year.

Apparently, according to Bryan Cranston, Walter White may have survived a bullet that we thought killed him. The last we saw of White, he crumpled to the ground after getting shot by his own contraption in a bloody, revenge-filled massacre at the end of the series.

In an interview with CNN, Cranston, who played White, or “Heisenberg,” teased that the famed character may still be breathing.

Asked about the final scene, Cranston said: “You never saw bags zip up or anything.”

C’mon, yo.

Pressed if White did, indeed, die, the actor added: “You never know…never say never.”

While many series finales culminate in a slow, painful death, “Breaking Bad” was able to use the momentum it built early on and cap off the series with a suspense-filled, nail-biting final season that didn’t disappoint.

So, what’s next? Maybe something, or nothing at all.

Thanks, Cranston.

“Breaking Bad” fans have been patiently waiting for the debut of “Better Call Saul,” a spinoff starring shady lawyer Saul Goodman.

Cranston has taken advantage of his “Breaking Bad” stardom. He starred in “Godzilla,” which has earned $162 million since its May 16 debut. He’s also playing Lyndon B Johnson in the Broadway show, “All the Way.”