Horoscopes by PsychicDeb for October 2014


Aries – Your ruling planet in the 9th house brings a possible business trip worth considering as it offers a respite from the corporate jungle. A higher-up may act as a mentor and you step out of your way to lend a helping hand to underlings. Many friends can have inspired ideas that you can adapt to your best interest, just guard against the radical ones.

Taurus – Your ruling planet in the 6th house makes you less introspective but just as compassionate and caring as ever. Your amiable and cheerful demeanor makes you a welcome addition to any gathering whether it’s business, family or social. Your usually reticent personality is brought out by large but manageable doses of confidence and assertiveness.

Gemini – Mercury vibrations will move you to take full advantage of your chance to rest and play, although higher-ups at work will demand your time and attention. Be careful of a trusted friend who may speak ill of you behind your back. Restrain any impulse to retaliate; the situation will resolve itself.

Cancer – Partners seem more adventurous so don’t be swayed by fast talk or demands for immediate decisions. Read the fine print even if it’s laced with boring technical terms. You’ll be glad you rose to the challenge of taking personal responsibility for your financial fitness.

Leo – Planetary vibrations make it easy for you to prosper financially and spiritually from an encounter with a special partner whose qualities you are just now realizing. An intellectual approach to this person may be more rewarding than an emotional bond.

Virgo – The day-today routine from prior months can begin to pay off with handsome rewards, such as a steadier cash flow and a constant influx of new business. If you’re thinking of a joint financial project, attend a lecture or do extensive research before making any final decisions.

Libra – You may be revitalizing a love commitment either by finding something you appreciate in your current flame or connecting with someone new. Be low-keyed in your reaction to their changeable mood and focus on their hot spot.

Scorpio – You’ll be pleased to receive the attention of a higher influential member of your social group. Sharing with carefully selected acquaintances will line your pockets with abundance. Refrain from judging the actions of others.

Sagittarius – Your versatile mind leans towards idealistic philosophies, imbuing you with original ideas that motivate you and those around you to positive, dynamic activities. Honors in learned circles can be yours for the asking for the next few months.

Capricorn – Pluto vibrations spark your higher mind opening you to ingenious and inventive ideas. Investigate all concepts thoroughly and these ideas will drive home your goals. Change and diversion are welcome breaks from the business of progress.

Aquarius – Planetary vibrations immerse you in a round of social activities – some fun, some not. You’re perceptive enough to sort through the chaff, discarding the trivial or boring of these events in favor of the truly enjoyable. You can prosper and gain by going public with future objectives.

Pisces – Giving of yourself to your lover brings his/her love and attention back to you. Your normally inhibited nature becomes bolder when you feel on safe footing with your romantic partner. Clothing may play a part in the harmony of your senses and fresh perky colors can lift your spirits.

Psychicdeb has been a professional astrologer for more than 25 years. Self-taught, she began her studies in astrology when she was 8 yrs. old learning what she could from her mother’s astrology magazines. As she got older and learned geometry, she searched for books on Astrology and taught herself how to construct a chart. She teaches Astrology for a nominal fee. Psychicdeb also uses the tarot to do psychic readings channeling her spirit guide Helen. Reiki is one of her obsessions. She is a Reiki Master and loves to teach others the benefits of Reiki. Namaste. You can find her at the Original Psychic Fairs on Sundays. A listing of the Fair dates can be found on her website at: www.astro-mate.org

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