DA: 2 Long Island Docs Sold Prescription Drugs for Cash

Prescription drug arrest
Marshall Hubsher, 64, of Sands Point (L) and Howard Mahler, 62, of Long Beach (R), allegedly conspired to sell prescription drugs for cash.

Two Long Island psychiatrists, including one who lost his license to practice amid rape allegations, allegedly conspired to sell addictive prescription drugs to patients for cash, authorities said Thursday.

Howard Mahler, 62, of Long Beach and his alleged partner, Marshall Hubsher, 64, of Sands Point, were both charged Thursday at Nassau County court with conspiracy and other counts.

Hubsher was arrested two years ago for allegedly having sexual relations with a patient, which resulted in him losing his license. That case is still pending.

Prosecutors and the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration said the pair allegedly sold Adderall and Xanax prescriptions to patients in Hubsher’s former office in Roslyn. Hubsher allegedly continued to receive patients there, authorities said, despite losing his license.

Authorities reported at least three occasions in which Hubsher was paid cash after asking patients medical questions, and then directing them to Mahler, who would allegedly write prescriptions. One of the patients was an undercover detective who requested a higher dosage of Adderall “in order to sell unused pills to fund purchases of Oxycodone,” according to a press release announcing the arrests.

Both men were arrested Wednesday at Hubsher’s office.

Mahler was also charged with five counts of criminal sale of a prescription for a controlled substance. Hubsher was additionally charged with five counts of unauthorized practice of a profession.

Their bail was set at $180,000 bond or $90,000 cash and $240,000 bond or $120,000 cash respectively. They are both due back in court Nov. 3. Hubsher’s rape case resumes Dec. 1.