Coming February: House of Cards’ Psycho-In-Chief Begins His Reign

House of Cards
Kevin Spacey’s character Francis Underwood, the conniving politician who will do anything for power. (Photo credit: House of Cards/Facebook)

Francis Underwood is president, so what now?

That’s the burning question going into Season 3 of Netflix’s hit political thriller House of Cards, which capped its second season with the conniving politician ascending to the highest office in the land. Of course, all he had to do to get there was kill two people—a fellow lawmaker and a female reporter he used to weasel his way to the White House—and create a scandal that forced the resignation of the (worst ever!) sitting president, Garrett Walker.

Netflix revealed Monday that House of Cards will return Feb. 27, 2015. All episodes in the first two seasons were dumped on the streaming service on its release date, so you can assume all dozen or so episodes will be available for immediate consumption that day.

A video posted on House of Cards’ Facebook page shows the President Underwood (Kevin
Spacey) and the First Lady (Robin Wright) boarding Air Force One. The date of its premiere then flashes on the screen. That’s it.

Seasons 1 and 2 followed the conniving Congressman Underwood as he schemed his way to the Oval Office, first as Vice President and then President.

Now that he’s taken the presidential throne, where do we go from here? Will Season 3 document Underwood’s downfall? Will someone finally nail this sick bastard for the two murders?

We only ask that the creators don’t bring back the magic Underwood typewriter.