Alure Home Improvements Hosts 4th Annual Summer Remodeling Fashion Show

Alure Home Improvements Summer Remodeling Fashion Show
Alure Home Improvements Summer Remodeling Fashion Show showcases the latest in home remodeling and design trends August 6 & August 7!
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Everybody knows that Alure Home Improvements “goes to extremes to build your dreams,” but next month they’re going back in time to take you on a journey.

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The occasion is their fourth annual summer remodeling fashion show on August 6th and 7th, where they’ll be showcasing decades of home design work and highlighting the latest trends in products and styles. Enjoy live cooking and wine seminars, free food from Felico’s Catering, complimentary beverages, an arts & crafts tent for kids, a bounce house, and much more, including presentations, prizes and workshops.

To add to all the fun, designers will be on hand wearing period costumes as they demonstrate looks from the turn of the 20th century, the 1920s, the 1930s, the 1940s, the 1960s and beyond. Alure Home Improvements promises an inspiring weekend for all who attend, whether they’re contemplating a major home project or just want to learn what’s hot and what’s not, and understand how our home interiors got the appearance they have today.

“Everything you could possibly imagine we try to cover in terms of style and practicality,” says Gina Bonura, Alure Home Improvements’ custom kitchen and bathroom manager. “There will be designers on staff here the whole weekend. We welcome people to talk with us, and we’ll be happy to discuss their projects with them with the time we have.”

Interested guests can sign up in advance for free 15-minute imaging sessions to talk about a range of home-remodeling topics.

“We’ll have people there demonstrating the products we offer in roofing, windows and siding,” says Michael Gervasi, director of sales, exterior division.

Gervasi says that Alure Home Improvements participates in the Owens Corning Roofing Platinum Preferred warranty system, which “is probably the best on the market.”

They’ll also be touting the merits of Marvin Infinity Replacement Windows with Ultrex Fiberglass that are “eight times stronger than vinyl,” Gervasi adds.

Alure Home Improvements Summer Remodeling Fashion Show
Alure Home Improvements’ Summer Remodeling Fashion Show returns August 6 & August 7 with all the latest home remodeling trends and designs, along with free admission, free seminars, free BBQ, and plenty of fun and activities for the whole family!

The Oasis 2600 Sunroom from Ohio-based Joyce Manufacturing will also be on display—an all-season, insulated, high-performance sunroom with a clean, finished look without any visible screws or fasteners, and electrical raceways that conceal the wires and cables.

“It’s one of the better products on the market,” Gervasi says.

Another new material in home remodeling is Celect Cellular Composite Siding by Royal, which boasts wood-grain aesthetics, low maintenance, long durability, and structural integrity. Made with PVC, it has the appearance of fiber cement board but it doesn’t have the headaches, because it doesn’t absorb water or crack. Nor are there nail head holes, because it’s seamless. Celect is quick and relatively easy to install. The factory-applied finish comes with a 25-year warranty.

“This is good stuff,” says Gervasi.

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While materials have evolved, some modern designs still evoke their roots, according to Bonura.

“For instance, in the 1940s they had those big cast-iron farm sinks, and those are very popular today,” she says. “We’re going to show what they looked like in a 1940s kitchen and how those influences are being felt today.” The current versions aren’t made from cast-iron; they’re stainless steel or copper, but they have the same functionality of the large farm sink.

Back in the early 1900s, it was still the era of the coal stove. The latest advance in cooking features the induction range, which uses magnetism to deliver the heat.

“The nice thing about induction is that because it’s magnetized, there’s no flame or heat source,” says Bonura. “If a child touches the stove top, it’s not hot.”

Another new technology gaining in popularity is the built-in convection steam oven.

“There’s no microwave, no radiation,” she says. “It’s all steam. It actually replaces the moisture in the food and makes such a difference in reheating a bagel, or last night’s takeout.” But, she concedes, “You still need the microwave to pop the popcorn!”

If you want to see what your home will look like with Alure’s 15-minute interior or exterior design-imaging session, you should email Alure a photo of the front of your house, the kitchen, or the bathroom in your current home. To RSVP, email remodel@alure.com or call 888-772-5873.

Alure Home Improvements’ 4th Annual Summer Remodeling Fashion Show runs Saturday, Aug. 6, and Sunday, Aug. 7, from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m., at Alure’s Showroom, 1999 Hempstead Turnpike, East Meadow, NY 11554.