Horoscopes by PsychicDeb for March 2017

Horoscopes 2017

Aries – Pluto in your 10th house – your practical ambitious plans revolve around money. You’re more than willing to manage someone else’s money – and can do wonders with it. The accent now is on gaining the trust of an influential person who will provide backing. The lucky number is 8.

Taurus – Pluto in your 9th house – the sky’s the limit! You won’t be restricted by any petty thinking as you travel, make long-range plans, and expand mental boundaries. Leave the past and its problems behind; walk away instead of arguing. Aries and Libra are on hand.

Gemini – Pluto in your 8th house – you’ll get a chance to prove yourself to a partner, mate or associate. Curb a tendency to go out on a limb or make impulsive decisions. A low profile and steady solid efforts are most likely to impress another. Study a legal document thoroughly. The lucky number is 4.

Cancer – Pluto in your 7th house – your head will be in a spin. You’ll be witty, creative, and anxious to talk about the one you love. A group or organizational meeting is the scene of much wit and good feelings. Romantic wishes could come true in an unexpected way. Count on number 5.

Leo – Pluto in your 6th house – stick with strong conviction this month. You have a keen, good sense about a business proposition; figure out a shrewd plan of action before you make a move. It’s especially essential to know if a key executive is with you; you’ll find out in a confidential chat.

Virgo – Pluto in your 5th house – your sense of humor is spotlighted. You’ll feel free, unfettered, and will draw people to you who appreciate your happy-go-lucky attitude. A parent or parental figure may be a wet blanket but could keep you from over-extending your self. The lucky number is 5.

Libra – Pluto in your 4th house – don’t believe everything you hear. A financial offer has strings attached that are not visible now. You’re in the mood to believe the best of everyone. Your special sensitivity could be best used to investigate the mysteries of life. A Pisces offers insight.

Scorpio – Pluto in your 3rd house – you’ll be more cautious about dealing with distant places and strangers. Go slow, don’t force yourself beyond a comfortable range. A visit to an old neighborhood provides nostalgic moments and a poignant meeting. Contact a Cancer person.

Sagittarius – Pluto in your 2nd house – you attract someone with a taste for healthy, gourmet foods, and a peaceful atmosphere. Enjoy the month; you’ll benefit through a special gift that shows true depth of affection. A family matter will be adjusted smoothly; don’t worry about it. Number 6 pays off now.

Capricorn – Pluto in your 1st house – a leadership role can take you places. You’ll see new sights and learn new facts. Your philosophy of life becomes more joyous and love-oriented. A romantic interest wants to travel with you and explore beyond your current boundaries. Number 1 is the best.

Aquarius – Pluto in your 12th house – you’ll work behind the scenes or in a matter requiring much secrecy. You’ll be a good detective, counselor, or researcher. Someone who comes to you with a tale of woe needs encouragement, not criticism. Offer valid suggestions. The lucky number is 7.

Pisces – Pluto in your 11th house – a public appearance requires your more serious, practical side. Someone in an authority position is watching to see if you carry through with tasks as promised. Shrewd thinking helps you overcome difficult obstacles that arise. Leo plays a major role.


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