The Wellness 365 Perspective: Spring Is The Perfect Season To Achieve True Wellness

Northport Wellness Center

By Dr. Alan Sherr, Northport Wellness Center

Springtime. This time of year, we often have an influx of patients who are inspired by the light and warmth of the season to achieve optimal health. They seek to enhance their quality of life by implementing such practices as improved nutrition, alternative therapies, such as chiropractic or acupuncture, and a positive mindset, to drive their mission.

We, too, get excited this time of year, because we know that with the proper resources and guidance, as well as a solid commitment to put your best foot forward toward creating change, great things can happen.

So, what does it mean to be “well?”

Achieving wellness means more than simply changing your diet. It does not mean meditating five minutes per day will transform your perspective on life. You can’t achieve wellness by exercising 30 minutes per day. To achieve wellness, you need to embrace and put into practice the notion that optimal health is an evolving journey of education, self-discovery, practice and healing.

To be well means you are forever working diligently and wholeheartedly to make daily, smart, life-changing decisions for your mind, body and soul.

You can make the choice on any day to be kind to yourself by learning and implementing strategies that enhance your overall health, that help you feel good about yourself and enjoy the life you desire and deserve—but please remember:

It is okay to have setbacks. Wellness does not mean perfection.

To err is to be human. Whether it’s missing a workout or an adjustment, or eating something that you know will not help you reach your goals, you can still achieve wellness. Use setbacks and obstacles to learn and grow so you can make better, more successful choices the next time.

You may experience “symptoms.” Wellness does not mean you will never succumb to a cold or virus.

Allow your body to show you just how capable it is to heal and recover from illness. Work with your body by giving it rest, sleep and exercise. Nourish your body with enriching foods and avoid harsh ingredients and chemicals that could interfere with its ability to do its job.

You may have a bad or sad day. Wellness does not mean you are always happy and that things will always seem to go your way.

There may be a day where you feel overwhelmed and overcome by seeing the glass as half empty vs. half full—and that’s okay. Remind yourself that you are strong. Give yourself the freedom and forgiveness to gain clarity and strength to move on from a negative experience. Enjoy the next positive moment that comes along.

Wellness is not a one-size-fits-all, pop-a-pill approach. There is no temporary fix or special pill you can take to achieve wellness.

Wellness does not come in a pill prescribed by your medical doctor, or one that can be purchased over the counter at your local convenience store. Taking one supplement a day will not be what helps you to reach your greatest potential. To achieve wellness, you need to incorporate diet, nutrition, exercise, the power of positive thinking, and treatments that can help you achieve and maintain health.

Achieving wellness requires a partnership with your trusted health care provider.

Communication with your trusted health care provider, whether your family chiropractor or holistic-minded physician, is critical to becoming better educated on health and wellness, and for identifying treatment and solutions that best meet your health care needs and goals.

Partner with your health care provider to identify your current health condition and consider opportunities available to improve your physical, emotional and mental state.

While your health care provider can offer you guidance and customized treatment, achieving optimal health and wellness occurs when you take responsibility for your own health.

There’s no getting around it: Wellness takes work!

Wellness is a choice, a mindset—a series of actions you take each day of the year that can help you to be and feel at your optimal level.

Chuck Norris said: “I’ve always found that anything worth achieving will always have obstacles in the way and you’ve got to have that drive and determination to overcome those obstacles on route to whatever it is that you want to accomplish.”

On your path to optimal health, achievements will definitely be enjoyed, but obstacles are sure to be present, too. The question is: “What will you do when an obstacle appears in your way? Will you wait for it to pass? Will you strategize for the best way to overcome challenges and discover alternative solutions toward achieving your goals?”

Once you realize that the power to heal, recover and transform your life is truly in your hands—and mind—you can most effectively work with your health care provider to become a healthier, more empowered you.

Take the first steps toward achieving wellness:

• Be in the present. Acknowledge you are perfect the way you are, but recognize that you can create change to feel even better.

• Become educated on natural living and ways to achieve wellness. Read. Talk to your physician and a health care provider who embraces a holistic approach toward achieving optimal health. When you discover the many ways you can achieve wellness, the possibilities are endless.

• Consider alternative therapy. In addition to diet, nutrition and exercise, non-invasive alternative therapies such as acupuncture and chiropractic can help you heal and recover from existing conditions that hinder your ability to reach optimal health.

• Commit to work hard, forgive yourself, and take pride in your accomplishments—because that’s what life, and wellness, is all about.

Take advantage of this season to be inspired.

See the light of the day as opportunity to take action in the best interest of yourself and your loved ones and the dark of night to reflect and take in all that is beautiful and peaceful in the world.

Understand that each and every day offers the remarkable chance to feel well.

Allow yourself the opportunity to take advantage of all of the wondrous moments life has to offer.

Dr. Alan Sherr is the founder and director of Northport Wellness Center, a multidisciplinary holistic healthcare facility located at 220 Fort Salonga Road (25A) in Northport, NY. The Wellness 365 Perspective will feature regular columns and advice from doctors and practitioners on a wide range of health and wellness-related topics. To learn more information or schedule a visit, contact Northport Wellness Center at 631-262-8505 or visit northportwellnesscenter.com.

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