Horoscopes by PsychicDeb for August 2017

Horoscopes 2017

Aries – ruling planet in 5th house – a dynamic person with futuristic ideas inspires you. You’ll be helped to see where you’re headed by exposure to a larger, more universal viewpoint. Make a decision about a relationship that is going nowhere. Emphasize love, hope and generosity.

Taurus – ruling planet in the 3rd house – express yourself in an artistic or literary way. Your sense of beauty, color and form is enhanced. Beautification of your personal surroundings could become a crusade. Human relationships can also be improved by using diplomacy.

Gemini – ruling planet in the 4th house – the accent is on home, family and security. Plans and dreams will be confided to you by a close kin; be encouraging. Show that you have not forgotten a favor done in the past. Celebrate a sentimental occasion with good food and relaxation.

Cancer – Saturn in the 6th house – be more perceptive about the purchase or sale of goods. Someone is trying to get something for nothing and could pull a fast one. Get your guarantees in writing; don’t trust to another’s good will. Stay away from mundane matters if you can – play the waiting game.

Leo – Mars conjunct natal Sun – a deeply felt relationship intensifies. You may be asked to take on extra duties, but the rewards will be great. Follow through on legal matters and promises made to a partner or business associate. A significant comitment will be made.

Virgo – ruling planet in the 1st house – the accent is on fun, adventure, and social events. A dramatic person you run into at a party has an unexpected compliment. You’ll set a new style in clothes, appearance, or ideas. Romance figures prominently. You’ll have a great allure for someone who has a eye on you.

Libra – ruling planet in the 10th house – you gain money, prestige and greater control of your surroundings. A project you had an eye on is handed to you. You may be required to work longer hours and take on extra duties, but the rewards will be great. Make the most of this power-play day. Capricorn helps you.

Scorpio – ruling planet in the 3rd house – a relative or neighbor who held you back will pull out of the scene. You’ll feel more free to engage in a big project. Conclude petty deals or agreements. One with big plans phones or writes you for aid. Aries and Libra figure prominently.

Sagittarius – ruling planet in the 11th house – fulfillment of your hopes, dreams and plans is at hand. The full moon brings matters to a high point and gives you what you want if you can keep both home and the business world happy. A humanitarian companion is ready to stand up for you if needed.

Capricorn – ruling planet in the 12th house – keep a light touch in spite of a serious, secretive purpose. You’ll do well in research, study and behind-the-scenes meetings. Try out an intellectual theory on a Sagitarrian type who joins you for discussion. Keep happy; don’t fall into a negative mood.

Aquarius – ruling planet in the 2nd house – timing is everything and much better for handling or discussing cash and money. You’ll have an instinct for what is right. Attend to practical matters, including a discussion of goals for the future. A powerful person has a tip that will enrich you.

Pisces – Mercury opposite natal Sun – restrictions will soon disappear. Meanwhile, attend to details formerly overlooked and correct recent errors. A slow, steady pace will help you plow through even a major obstacle. Someone is standing in the wings watching your performance.

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