Horoscopes by PsychicDeb for October 2017

Horoscopes 2017

Aries – Venus opposite natal Sun – you’ll be more concerned with the problems of a partner, mate or associate than with your own. A domestic arrangement has to be worked out; you can’t continue on the same path without a collision. Be ready to make concessions; to listen more than you talk.

Taurus – ruling planet in the 6th house – don’t keep your talents to yourself; display them. Your artistic and diplomatic skills are especially needed and will win you the recognition you’ve been seeking. A relative has the ability to pull strings for you. Accept this offer. Contact a Libra.

Gemini – Saturn opposite natal Sun – many changes take place in the greater world around you. You’ll contribute by offering your opinion in a career situation. A written message may be the best way to proceed. The status quo is swiftly changing; contribute your best efforts. Number 5 brings luck.

Cancer – Venus square natal Sun – romance is in the air. You’ll dream beautiful dreams, but could be oblivious to the reality of the situation. Understand the person you are dealing with – even if it takes much analysis. You’ll benefit by getting away by yourself to do some clear headed thinking.

Leo – Jupiter square natal Sun – thoughts of a vacation and travel absorb your thinking. You’ll want to be where the grass is greener or the sky bluer. Accept an invitation that takes you away from a mundane situation. You need the stimulation of contact with many people. The lucky number is 3.

Virgo – Mars conjunct natal Sun – you undergo a transformation in your physical appearance. Some new item of clothing or grooming technique adds sparkle and variety. Your social life is bound to pick up. You’ll need someone who recently returned from a long trip who want to share information with you.

Libra – Uranus opposite Natal Sun – take advantage of a chance for privacy. You’ll need time to think; to plan the future. A sensitive, understanding friend will listen if you want to talk out your feelings. But your romantic notions are likely to be unrealistic; revise them.

Scorpio – Jupiter conjunct natal Sun – you surge into a high lunar cycle. Expect variety, travel and an unexpected change in thinking. You’ll be influenced by an exciting person who is waiting to hear from you. Be ready to make the first move. Contact Gemini and Virgo people.

Sagittarius – Saturn conjunct natal Sun – someone who taught you in the past re-enters the picture. You’ll realize how much you have grown since then. A quiet relaxed time is on the agenda; don’t push matters in regard to travel. Don’t allow an emotional discussion to cause a rift now. Give logic equal time. 

Capricorn – Pluto conjunct natal Sun – an aura of secrecy surrounds your romantic partner. You’ll be intrigued, puzzled, but desirous of forming closer ties. Answers will soon be provided. The best cause is to be independent and follow your own interests. A Leo brightens your day.

Aquarius – Jupiter squared natal Sun – this month’s emphasis is on health, diet and nutrition. A program you begin now will be easy to follow especially if self-discipline is involved. You settle down to business and become a better worker. Get to the heart of matters with a loved one. The right number is 4.

Pisces – Saturn squared natal Sun – recognize limitations; this is not the month to begin something new You’ll work best behind the scenes completing a large-scale project. Your fears and doubts are founded. Forget yourself and show compassion for one less fortunate. Number 9 is your best bet.


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