Human Remains Found in Roosevelt Woods, Cops Searching for More

Blotter: Home Invasion
(Photo credit: Tony Webster/Wikimedia Commons)

Nassau County police unearthed male human remains buried in a Roosevelt nature preserve and plan to search other parts of the wooded area that may have additional grave sites, authorities said Friday.

Investigators, who are continuing a slow and extensive dig through terrain so rough it broke a detective’s ankle, are awaiting DNA test results from the medical examiner’s office to identify the person, police said.

“We don’t know who this person is right now, so we don’t know anything about his past or who he was associated with,” Det. Lt. Steven Fitzpatrick, commander of the Homicide Squad, told reporters at a news conference near the scene. “The investigation is very early on.”

Police were acting on a tip from the Homeland Security Investigations. New York State police identified other parts of the woods, just south of the Southern State Parkway, that may be additional grave sites. Nassau police started searching the area Thursday.

“We have to follow the information as it progresses,” Fitzpatrick said, adding that it’s unclear how long the person has been there.

“There are a couple other spots that we’re interested in,” Fitzpatrick said, noting that investigators will remain in the 27-acre preserve with a pond off Wilbur Lane for “as long as it takes.”

Update: Authorities identified the remains as that of Angel Soler, 16, of Roosevelt.