Horoscopes by PsychicDeb for December 2017

Horoscopes 2017

Aries – The desire to help co-workers provides you with more than you can handle. Your enthusiasm is great, but a scattering of energies could make you less effective. Focus on large-scale projects and research. Let another handle the details.

Taurus – This month’s accent is on romance; a partnership. Be open to any new ideas proposed. A brief journey is possible, one which could draw you closer to a loved one. Make a phone call or text that you have been putting off – open communication lines.

Gemini – A domestic adjustment is in the picture. Changes must be made in the home so that everyone involved has room for self-expression. Someone with a distinctive voice is ready to compromise if you are. An artistic or musical gift helps to show your love.

Cancer – Money comes from work done behind the scenes. You’ll be recognized; right now concentrate on spiritual or artistic values. Put off a large-scale purchase until next month. Investigation of the occult proves engrossing.

Leo – Important opportunities arise to advance your position, income, or prestige through advice from an older person. Take a closer look at the details of taxes, insurance, and interest rates. In affairs of the heart, you’ll seek loyalty and greater stability.

Virgo – Focus on the big picture. Persons at a distance will be affected by your influence, particularly your views of life, religion and philosophy. A humanitarian project is favored. By helping others, you expand your hope for the future. An Aries is encouraged now.

Libra – The spotlight is on love, romance, and a fresh outlook on life. Your charisma draws a fascinating foreigner into the picture. You’ll see ways to benefit by adopting styles with an exotic flavor. Now is the time to accept your rugged individualism.

Scorpio – A conflict between what is tried and true versus a brand new lifestyle is evident. You’ll feel a great need for approval and affection from familiar faces. Slow down, relax and don’t force issues. Follow an intuitive hunch provided by a nurturing, older woman.

Sagittarius – You’ll see the need for an improved body image and new clothes. You’ll pal around with a success-minded friend who wants you to go places and do things. Fortunately you won’t take life too seriously and will be able to laugh at your own faults.

Capricorn – The accent now is on more routine career affairs. Keep your eye on vital details, don’t let the current power of your position go to your head. An authority figure may not show it, but is watching you and testing your commitment. Avoid eccentric friends.

Aquarius – Be ready for an exciting change of scenery; an invitation to visit friends or relatives. Your love of freedom is highlighted – you won’t be tied down now. A romantic dream will become a reality this month if you say the right words.

Pisces – Above all, you want life to be peaceful and harmonious. This month, a relative who seems to be upsetting the apple cart just wants attention. Realize that and show affection. A glamorous time is promised if you beautify your self or your home. Libra has some good advice.

If you know your rising sign, consult the horoscope for that sign as well.

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