Horoscopes by PsychicDeb for January 2018


Aries – This month’s emphasis is on self-understanding and spiritual values. A close friend may decide you’re too aloof, remote or absorbed in your own feelings. Don’t allow yourself to be drawn into a heavy social session; you need time to be alone and think.

Taurus – You make a significant discovery about your career, love life or money. A little detective work will reveal that you’re on the right track. All you have to do is ask for help from a VIP and you’ll get the financial backing you deserve. Keep secrets.

Gemini – Your inventive mind helps you spot future trends. Work done behind the scenes pays off later. You’re about to pull together loose ends and complete a large-scale project. It’s not time yet to reveal plans – wait! Take a chance on number 9.

Cancer – It’s time to mull over recent moves. Your intuition and sensitivity will be heightened; you won’t be as outgoing. You may need to be assured of your self-worth by an older person or other close tie. Food and creature comforts appeal more.

Leo – This month’s accent is on money, spending and extravagance. An exciting shopping trip proves expensive. If choices are hard to make, don’t think you have to buy out the store. Entertainment, travel and the companionship of a Sagittarius brightens your day. Enjoy your popularity.

Virgo – The month of reckoning arrives concerning bills, records and other money details. Stick to a tight schedule, don’t waste time on frivolous activities. You see the need for a budget and getting more organized. Much can be accomplished.

Libra – This month’s accent is on language skills, travel and variety. You’ll be caught up in a round of exciting conversations, meetings and parties. A flirtatious member of the opposite sex trades quips with you and wants to get to know you better. Keep your schedule flexible.

Scorpio – A visit to a local cultural event proves profitable. You’ll be anxious to express your artistic talents yourself. Sign up for lessons or buy materials to make this possible. A close relative offers encouragement, cash and affection.

Sagittarius – You’ll have the power to inspire others to do their best. The key is to offer sympathy and compassion instead of a reproof. Someone you are dealing with has had enough nit-picking over inconsequential matters. Accent your spiritual values. Pisces and Virgo are on hand this month.

Capricorn – Six planet stellium in Capricorn – a new phase of life begins as you surge into a high stellar cycle. You’ll feel renewed and ready for adventure, romance and spectacular self-expression. Use your ability to charm others and you’ll get what you want. Wear bold colors that attract other dramatic people.

Aquarius – You’ve earned the support and approval of an authority figure. Expect help in a property deal or domestic arrangement. More money, prestige and responsibility will be handed to you making this an extremely significant month. Your family plays a key role.

Pisces – The spotlight is on recreation, entertainment, and romance. Don’t allow limitations to fence you in. The key is to adopt a universal viewpoint and show interest in the good of all. A child or younger family member will be grateful for your attention. Aries is on the scene.


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