Solidcore: Long Island’s New Boutique Fitness Studio


Solidcore, the trendy new boutique fitness studio that debuted last June in Roslyn Heights, is planning to open new location in Manhattan amid the Washington D.C.-based company’s continuing national expansion.

Founded by entrepreneur and motivational speaker Anne Mahlum, Solidcore offers a 50-minute Pilates-style class like no other. By using spring cables, Solidcore allows members a “high intensity, low-impact, slow and controlled resistance training” to make the most of their workout by focusing on working every muscle at a slow pace, according to Mahlum.

“People think that you have to beat up your body to get results,” Mahlum said. “You have to jump, you have to pound, you have to be explosive, and it’s wrong.”

She said she got the idea after completing 11 marathons. Mahlum explained that she wasn’t receiving satisfactory results for the time she put into her exercises.

In 2013, Mahlum opened her first Solidcore studio in the nation’s capital, where former First Lady Michelle Obama became a fan. The positive feedback led Mahlum to open her second studio just three months later, and her third studio just two months after that.

Currently, Solidcore has over 30 locations across the nation, with plans to have 50 studios open by the end of this year. She expects to see 100 studios open by the end of 2019, and even has plans for international locations.

Solidcore’s tagline says it all: Helping people create the strongest versions of themselves. Their success is entirely results based. Mahlum said Solidcore is unlike other fitness classes.

“We always say that how hard you work in the studio is a direct representation to how hard you work outside the studio,” said Mahlum.

Mahlum got the idea while taking Pilates classes in New York, her home at the time, when she realized she could improve the highly sought after workout system.

“I can create my own concept and build a whole community around making yourself strong,” she recalled.

“It’s a full body workout that challenges your muscles and your mind in ways that you have not experienced before,” said Mahlum. “So once people find it, there’s just no substitute for it.”

Mahlum explained why resistance training is the key to weight loss over cardio. While members are sure to burn calories during the class, most of the lean-muscle building happens 24-hours after Solidcore.

“It’s really an investment of your time for what you can do for the next 24 hours,” said Mahlum. “You’re ripping the muscle fibers, which is what causes the shaking and soreness afterward. So your body has to work overtime which means your metabolism increases. You’re burning more energy to rebuild those muscles 24-hours after the class is over.”

Cardio has very little impact on muscle toning “because you’re not acclimating your muscles properly,” said Mahlum. Since your muscles are not used to this type of workout, Mahlum warns that soreness will be evident for two to three days following this exercise. She suggests that members return to Solidcore within seven days of their workout to resume progress.

Solidcore’s Long Island studio is located at 250 S. Service Rd. Roslyn Heights. They can be reached at 516-535-9205 or solidcore.co