Horoscopes By PsychicDeb for August 2018


Aries – It’s time for watchful waiting. Any move you make now is likely to be premature. Don’t be so impatient for results. Consider instead how you can contribute to domestic tranquility, especially where a younger relative is concerned. Share a valid experience.

Taurus – Nothing can hold you back now. Your personal popularity surges to a high point and the lunar cycle is also high. You’ll be in the right place at the right time – and will have information that is vitally needed. Focus on stylish clothing and travel plans.

Gemini – Your physical health demands better discipline. Highlight nutrition, food and a more ordered existence. If you have been putting extra stress on your body, slow down and pay attention to details of your physical well-being. An Aquarian shares your progress. Keep at it!

Cancer – The written word brings profit. You break out of a rut, envision new ways of increasing your income, and converse with a Gemini type who has the same interest. A long discussion transforms your views. There is also a fascinating round of trips and visits.

Leo – Focus on collecting money owed to you. But do so in a tactful way. When you turn on your charm, you can have almost anything you want this month. What you’ll most desire is peace, harmony and better emotional conditions at home. Taurus plays a key role.

Virgo – Don’t put credence in silly superstition. Accent your spiritual values. Imagination and fantasy is apt to be heightened but this can be made very productive. Write a poem or story and recognize the beauty around you.

Libra – A chance to elevate your standing in the community arrives. Volunteer for a civic project; take a position of leadership. Someone you love is bound to see you in a better light as rewards come your way. A relationship that was going nowhere can take a turn for the better.

Scorpio – Recognize an old stumbling block that exists from your early days. Attitudes can be changed and the past put behind you. A relative needs to be reminded that you have grown greatly and are ready for expanded horizons. It’s time to take action.

Sagittarius – Plant seeds for a new start at your home base. Focus on originality. You will not follow the crowd anymore, despite what you did in the past. Romance blossoms if you are ready to respond in a warm-hearted, generous way, especially to a Leo type.

Capricorn – This month’s accent is on creativity, offspring and conservative speculation. A passive contemplative role suits you best. One who taught you in the past is the source of inspiration as you remember how you once handled similar situations.

Aquarius – You attract friends, lovers and travel companions. Your social schedule is likely to be full. Even if you have to work, you’ll do so in a playful way, with much time out for talk and enjoyment. Get out in the open air, if possible, A Sagittarian pursues you.

Pisces – You’ll settle down into routine tasks. Your mood is serious and practical. Your ability to revise former plans helps you accomplish much. Take small, plodding steps, examine details and search for past errors. Dress conservatively to impress a superior.


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