Horoscopes By PsychicDeb for September 2018


Aries – Ruling planet in 11th house – Your outgoing manner promotes special interest from someone you’ve been wanting to meet. This could be a co-worker who suddenly sees you in a new light. Explore mutual interest – you’ll find you have more in common than you thought. Witty people surround you.

Taurus – Ruling planet in 7th house – Go slow, don’t make waves. Extra duties that have been handed to you may seem stifling, but you’re ready to take on more than your share of burdens. Don’t spoil a family member by going overboard with help. Keep a sensible balance.

Gemini – Ruling planet in 4th house – Realizing that no one is perfect helps you get through the month. Your expectations were probably too high to start with. Withdraw from noisy crowds or stressful situations and listen to soothing music. Learn to love and be nice to yourself if others seem distant.

Cancer – Handle a partnership or the public with better practical good sense. You’ll be dealing with executives and get along better with someone at the top more than associating with an underling. In your personal life, you envision a long-term alliance rather than a flirtation.

Leo – Ruling planet in 2nd house – Universal values are accented. You’ll look beyond everyday matters to discover answers to the mysteries of life. Astrology, numerology, reincarnation, or the meaning of dreams absorbs you. A deep, transforming experience brings inspiration. Scorpio is important this month.

Virgo – Ruling planet in 1st house – A romantic, physical attraction stirs your heart and feelings. Be ready for a new way to relate – or a new person in your life. It’s time to be a bit more selfish in your desires to express yourself more fully. Your need for attention is accented.

Libra – Ruling planet in 2nd house – The emphasis is on security, joint assets, and saving for a rainy day. Your recent bold moves are eclipsed by the demands of family and remembrance of past events. The protection of loved ones seems especially important. A kindly, older woman steps forward with valid advice.

Scorpio – Ruling planet in 3rd house – You’ll diversify, grow restless, and consider taking a trip this month. The focus is on law, religion, publishing, or higher education. A belief that the grass is greener beyond the next hill leads to avid socializing, questing, and searching. Don’t scatter your forces.

Sagittarius – Ruling planet in 12th house – Learn the rules before you break them. A sense of restriction holds you back from taking the great leap you had envisioned. You learn boundaries and can profitably work with them. A step-by-step foundation is needed for a grand project. Leo plays a key role.

Capricorn – Ruling planet in 1st house – Your ability to deliver a fascinating message gains you publicity and attention from many. You’ll communicate, travel, and seek adventure and romance. People at the top of the ladder want your company. Included will be a fascinating Gemini type.

Aquarius – Ruling planet in 4th house – The influence of your family will be felt in a step upward. A parent or parent figure is likely to be generous, affectionate, and ready to grant a request. Your artistic or musical skills should be used, not hidden. Self-expression gains recognition. Libra plays a role.

Pisces – Ruling planet in 1st house – You’ll be more sensitive to the opinions of superiors. Don’t rush off into an escapist activity. Face the music; examine your motives and ideals. You’ll realize a problem exists mainly in your own mind. A kindly Pisces type listens to your side of the story.


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