3 New Restaurants To Try On Long Island



Garden City’s new barbeque sensation brings all manner of smoked meats to the table.

All of the usual suspects you’d expect in a barbeque joint are present and accounted for, from smoked chicken ($10), pulled pork ($11), brisket ($14) and baby back ribs ($20-$32), to some internationally-inspired surprises, like Porchetta ($13) and beef and lamb gyro ($16). All can be served a la carte or part of group meals.

Be sure to order the wings ($6-$12) dressed in your choice of four different sauces. Add to that a litany of sides, from fries and mac-and-cheese to falafel and guacamole, and you’ve got an outside-the-box choice for some down-home favorites.

7 12th St., Garden City. smokhaus.com. 5168336633.


Nassau County’s newest pizza spot is no run-of-the-mill slice joint.

These purveyors of pies specialize in authentic Roman-style Pizza al Taglio, a regional cross between Sicilian and Grandma-style pizza, served in huge rectangular pans and sold by the slice. Their specially-formulated dough is fermented for up to 36 hours before being topped with all manner of meats, cheeses, sauces and vegetables.

Be sure to check out the White pizza ($3.50 slice, $19 pie) here slathered with fresh ricotta, mozzarella and parsley. For the adventurous, there is the Sausage and Broccoli Rabe ($4.50, $25), studded with fresh hunks of Italian sausage and garlicky broccoli rabe.

Taglio Pizza also specializes in all manner of panini, served between fresh baked bread.

85 Mineola Blvd., Mineola. tagliopizzany.com. 5167410379


This new fast-casual joint gives a little Greek-American flair to Suffolk County, offering homemade hummus and tzatziki spreads ($5.50-$6) served up with warm pita chips.

Other Greek specialties include chicken or pork souvlaki ($8.50), Gyros with lamb, beef, chicken or pork ($8.50) and specialty moussaka, an amalgam of potatoes, ground beef, marinated eggplant and creamy bechamel sauce, layered and baked like a casserole.

Save room for dessert, which features the walnut-stuffed, honey-sweetened Greek Pastry Baklava ($5) and a selection of hand-spun milkshakes, from the standard vanilla, chocolate and strawberry to the more decadent cookies and cream or brownie.

2521 West Montauk Hwy., Hampton Bays. hamptongyro.com. 6318564101.