Horoscopes By PsychicDeb for April 2019


Aries: Jupiter in the 9th house. This is a good time for travel or making gains in spiritual growth, higher education, sales, and advertising. Drama and art should be on your schedule. You’re going to have to mix the old with the new if you want to maintain a true balance in present circumstances; others are preparing their work for you. 

Taurus: Jupiter in the 8th house. A father or father-figure has a strong influence on you. You’ll gain a long-sought-after position if you endeavor to understand and use this influence. This is a good month for enjoying traditional pleasures and long-time friends. You’ll be able to use the benefits of past experiences to form a solid alliance.   

Gemini: Jupiter in the 7th house. Opportunities for growth and expansion are opening up around you. All you have to do is take advantage of them. Don’t wait for things to come to you. Go find them. This is a good month to make friends which will not only result in success now, but will play an important role in future success. Save vacation time for later. 

Cancer: Jupiter the 6th house. Before starting new training or a new enterprise, don’t commit to anything before checking other locations and prices. The first choice you’re given may not be the best one. Those who are younger or more into socializing may view you as too old or restricted to join in the fun. The thing is, you might agree. Make your own good time. 

Leo: Jupiter in the 5th house. Prepare the ground work for new endeavors very carefully. Get the knowledge and training you need now because the opportunity to put it to good use is coming up soon. Some who were recently opposed to your way of doing things gradually, give in or move onto other things. By next month you can proceed as planned. 

Virgo: Jupiter in the 4th house. A new member of the family or a surge of energy in your household may inspire you to finish old business and take the first step toward new accomplishments this month. Others will listen to you if you give them a chance to entertain and charm you. If you dismiss them as too young or foolish, you will end up the loser.

Libra: Jupiter in the 3rd house. You may wish you could stop but you need to keep adding to what you’ve done and the gains you’ve made or you will lose ground. The good news is that you can do it. Don’t be stuck in a rut while everyone else makes progress. It’s time for new methods or ideas. Follow the direction of energy and enthusiasm that surrounds you.

Scorpio: Jupiter the 2nd house. Take time to share your knowledge or good fortune with others this month and your generosity will come back to you many times over, perhaps in unexpected ways. A lot is going on around you that may seem chaotic, but if it does not threaten the tradition and structure of your principles or life style, feel free to go along with it. 

Sagittarius: Jupiter in the 1st house. Life can be pretty much what you want it to be this month. Capacity for enjoyment is high so make an effort to add some romance, culture or spirituality. Use this month to organize and prepare your work By next month you are apt to be given a very profitable opportunity to talk, write, or travel. 

Capricorn: Jupiter in the 12th house. This is a good month for photography, sports, clearing credit and making abstract ideas understood. Someone who speaks a different language will be grateful. Others are attracted to your experience or maturity, so use these assets. those who previously lacked interest are taking a second look.

Aquarius: Jupiter in the 11th house. You may get back what you’ve given to others in the past. Be gracious enough to accept it. Be open to new ways that work within existing structures. Your advice and experience may be eagerly sought after. This month whether you give it as a favor or charge a fee for your service, you will benefit from favorable publicity.

Pisces: Jupiter the 10th house. Social events, speaking engagement, or political activities can keep you stimulated and busy. Helping a fund raiser or charity benefit brings dividends. Be willing to accept that the end of the cycle is here. Looking back does little good. It only wastes time you could spend on taking some positive steps.   

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