BCCA Holds Annual Spring Fling Hat Luncheon and Fashion Show

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Photo by Tab Hauser

The nonprofit Belmont Child Care Association held its annual Spring Fling Hat Luncheon and Fashion Show fundraiser at the Garden City Hotel on May 30.

The organization founded in 2003 operates Anna House, which provides a safe, supportive, and academically inspiring environment for the children of parents working in the thoroughbred racing backstretch area located at Belmont Park.

Photos by Tab Hauser.

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Friends of the Southward Ho CC support the BCCA. Marisa Baglio, Eileen Bellavia,Daphne Hoffman, Susan and May Barbiero,Suzy Heilpern. Photo by Tab Hauser
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Veronica Beard & Veronica Beard, center, surrounded by models with their designs. Photo by Tab Hauser
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Kelly Hocheiser, MegMcCartney,Joanne Adams, Kathleen Noonan. Photo by Tab Hauser
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Gina Raso, Andrea Cilmi, Kim Oronato, Linda Barnhart, Libby Imperio. Photo by Tab Hauser