17 Viral Videos That Made Long Island Internet Famous

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17. Ronkokamo

“We’ll take the train because the expressways slow, that’s where we want to go, down to Ronkokamo,” sang comedian and actor Brian Roach in his Beach Boys parody music video about his hometown, Ronkonkoma. This YouTube video has more than 118,200 views since 2017. 

16. LIRR Racist


This Long Island Rail Road rider’s racist rant directed at an African American woman on the train went viral on Facebook in May and now has more than 138,000 views. The rider, later identified as Edward Ruggiero of Long Beach, pleaded guilty harassment and disorderly conduct in July.

15. Tears ‘R Us


“I will cherish my time here for life,” said Ryan Thomas under his viral Facebook video of the last sign off at Toys ‘R Us in Lake Grove. With stores around the country closing, this employee took to Facebook to show his appreciation of his time working for the company and the video has over 158,000 views since it was posted last year.

14. The Piano Train

In May 2018, Long Island Rail Road riders broke out into song with the Billy Joel classic, Piano Man. This tweet has gained over 172,000 views since then and in the words of the twitter user who posted the original video, “This is what society should be like… peaceful, united and happy.” 

13. Massapequ-what?

Try not to cringe while watching southerners attempt to pronounce Long Island town names. This girl’s video tweeted in October 2016 now has more than 200,000 views and has inspired others to try to get their out-of-town friends to do the same. 

12. East End Postal


Handle with care is not the motto for the Hampton Bays Post office as a worker is seen throwing boxes without care into a truck. Many were angered over the treatment of their packages after a man posted the video to Facebook and more than 306,000 people viewed it since 2018.

11. Say What?


In his parody of the many different people who live on in the area, comedian Thomas Dale pokes fun at what he believes the lingo of a Long Islander sounds like. This YouTube video posted in 2012 and has more than 714,000 views. 

10. Can You Hear Me Now?

A Seaford man reached viral in 2015 when a cell phone video caught him in the act of brazenly climbing onto a Broadway stage to charge his dying iPhone in 2015. Nick Silvestri, 19, and his family were taking in Broadway’s “Hand of God” on July 2 when he crawled onto the set during the show and plugged his power-starved iPhone into an outlet that turned out to be fake. The video has been viewed more than 800,000 times.

9. Suffolk’s Anthem


Remember when everyone was making parody music videos about their hometown set to the tune of Jay Z’s New York State of Mind? Suffolk’s contribution to that viral trend got 923,932 views since being posted in September 2010.

8. Nassau State of Mind


Whether it’s because it’s a better parody of the above or that it was the first one out of the gate on Long Island in August 2010, Nassau State of Mind has more than 1.5 million views.

7. Super Dog


This dog plays hero to a drowning deer in the Long Island Sound and becomes viral star in the media with more than 1.6 million videos since this YouTube video exploded in July of 2017.

6. Piano Pup


A Long Island beagle named Buddy Mercury went viral for howling and playing the piano on YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook. His first video posted in February 2017 has more than 1.7 million views now and the dogs channel has over 52,300 subscribers.

5. Road Rage Racist

This driver in Deer Park is the definition of road rage. His discriminatory and racist comments did not go unnoticed by the Facebook user who posted it in July of 2018 with more than 2 million views.

4. Vegas Takedown


UFC fighter and East Meadow native Matt Serra gained more than 2.7 million views for holding down a reckless drunk man who was yelling at waiters in a Las Vegas restaurant.

3. Haunted Hillary House

Video of a bizarre Hillary Clinton-themed “haunted house” in Bellmore went viral during the 2016 presidential campaign, although viewers’ reactions depended upon whether they backed the Democratic presidential nominee or her Republican rival, Donald Trump. The video has gotten more than 3 million views in three years.

2. Trump Train Man

Long Island Rail Road worker Thomas Mundy looks presidential with his best Donald Trump impression and even bares a very identical resemblance as well. This video posted in April this year has more than 4.3 million views.

  1. Bagel Man

Five-foot-tall and full of anger this furious Long Islander takes first place with 26 million views so far this month on the original tweet. Fourty-five-year-old Chris Morgan of Bay Shore became internet famous after his angry rant about women judging him for his height while standing in a Bagel Boss. He’s slated to fight other viral video stars this fall.