Feline fans rejoice! With so many cats and kittens available for adoption, it’s easier than ever to find your purrfect partner in crime, so contact any one of these shelters/rescues for more information about adopting today!

Available for adoption at North Shore Animal League America

Little Boy

**Senior Alert** Little Boy (H210438) isn’t very little, he’s still in need of some nurturing. He arrived with his feline siblings recently when they lost their lifelong home due to the passing of their beloved human. NSALA provided them all a room to stay together with comfy beds and a sunny window which Little Boy is particularly fond of. He is the only FIV+ member of his family and living harmoniously with them has eased some of his troubles. Offer to brush him, and you’ll open up a whole new dimension to your relationship! Little Boy is looking for a home with older children, and a confident feline roommate to help ease him back into a home. If you’ve had experience with shy cats and can provide a peaceful, predictable place for this gentle twelve-year-old to retire to, NSALA would love to introduce Little Boy to his latest hero: you!

Rum Tum and Dorothy

**Senior Alert** Rum Tum Tugger (H210440) isn’t a very curious cat. In fact, this shy nine-year-old is content cuddling with his sibling Dorothy Two Dots (H210440) as they watch visitors join them for some one-on-one time. These bonded senior tabbies joined the rest of their cat family to begin a new life after they recently lost their previous home and owner. They lived their whole lives swapping cuddles together, and we intend for them to spend the rest of their lives side by side, being adored by their newest hero. NSALA would love to find them a quiet predictable home with children 12 years old and older and adults experienced in helping shy cats settle in for a smooth transition to their golden retirement.

Tiger Lily

**Senior Alert** When Tiger Lily (H210442) arrived with her cat family after they lost their beloved owner and home, she needed time to make sense of the dramatic changes in her life. NSALA is delighted to be able to offer her all the time she desires in a quiet room with her family in Bianca’s Furry Friends Feline Adoption Center and so proud to see her begin to understand that she is still safe and loved. This quiet nine-year-old is content to watch from a perch above her room but has been welcoming trusted friends. She enjoys treats and brushing which have been great tools to grow her connection with her human caretakers. Tiger Lily has lived her entire life with other cats and will benefit from a patient, experienced home with a confident cat looking for a snuggle buddy. She would also be delighted to go home with one of her siblings if you don’t have friends at home for her. A quiet predictable life will help Tiger Lily continue to grow her confidence so one with older children will offer her the peace she so craves.


A local rescuer reached out for our help to place a cat who needed to learn to trust again. Time in a quiet space was exactly what five-year-old Olaf (Adoption #L80529) needed. NSALA opened up a whole new world for this charming orange tabby who has taught everyone how to win his heart with patience and treats. Because we could invest plenty of time in his care, we’ve discovered the key to his success in a home will be finding him an experienced adult with no other pets. Predictable days with no children in the home will provide him with a smooth transition into the next step along his journey. As the sole object of your attention, you’ll discover an exceedingly charming and loyal friend who wants to be your shadow but has clear body language when he needs time for himself. Olaf has overcome the difficulties he encountered in his life before arriving to safety; he’s ready to be the great love of your life!


Last summer, Tigra (Adoption #BF3491) was rescued from the local streets and was in dire need of medical attention due to an eye injury causing her discomfort. NSALA’s medical team relieved her pain with surgery, but Tigra was still left feeling fearful from all of her survival experiences outside. They’ve provided this sleek, one-eyed beauty all the time and space she needs in a quiet place where she is surrounded by caring friends—both human and feline—who are cheering her on for every moment of progress. They’ve discovered that, although she is still quite fearful around humans, she transforms into a completely different cat with her feline friends. She can’t get enough of playtime! When it’s time to nap, Tigra is always available to be a friend’s little spoon. This one-year-old will need a predictable home with children 16 years old and older and adults experienced in nurturing fearful cats. Time and patience will yield great rewards, but a confident cat in the home will be the most valuable part of the team to help succeed as part of the family. If you have a cat longing for an ardent admirer, Tigra would love to commit to a loving relationship with them!


Before Ballerina’s (Adoption #BF3673) caretaker moved, she wanted to provide her with a safer alternative than the life she’d been living. Animal League America has provided this tender four-year-old, orange tabby with that safe place, and has offered her all the time she needs to learn to trust humans on the inside after a lifetime of surviving outside. Although she may seem aloof to new friends, she’s become very attached to the most trusted companions caring for her who have observed an affectionate side to her when she’s mingling with feline friends. A confident cat in the home will show her how to gain her own confidence in her new setting. NSALA wants Ballerina to continue to grow into a loving family member and is seeking a peaceful, predictable life to help her continue to succeed in a new home—her first one! If you have children 16 years old and older, and experience with fearful cats, you could be the hero Ballerina has been waiting for.


Chris (Adoption #FTF05) may seem like a shy guy to new friends, but his calm, quiet energy has been quite therapeutic to his shyer roommates. Rescued locally, Chris has been offered an opportunity to become someone’s best friend in the comfort of the great indoors. Although tentative in new situations, a peaceful home with a patient, experienced adult (and children 16 years old and older) will guide him through a smooth transition. Because Chris shines when he’s with his cat friends, NSALA is seeking a confident cat in the home to mentor him.


**Special Request** When Charlie (Adoption #L80718) was searching for his next meal outside in the Bronx, he came across his ultimate hero who encouraged him to consider a better retirement plan indoors. The chance encounter has completely changed the trajectory of his life and now this timid 10-year-old is listening to his friends at Bianca’s Furry Friends Feline Adoption Center tell him about the peaceful home in his future. A life on the streets has left Charlie FIV+ and wary of new situations. We’re promising him a tranquil home life with children 16 years old and older and adults experienced in helping fearful cats acclimate to a whole new lifestyle. Charlie loves to listen to stories from his friends and is pretty blasé about roommates as long as they’re as calm as he is … and have treats handy to win him over.


NSALA’s Medical Team was called in immediately to work their magic when Jewel (Adoption #T105343) arrived from her overcrowded municipal shelter in Tennessee. Her injuries were extensive, but thanks to donors in our Help Me Heal program and the wonderful care she received in our Pet Health Centers, one-year-old Jewel is back on all four paws and ready to meet her bright future! This sleek mini-panther is so enthusiastic about making new friends! You’re not going to believe she ever had a worrisome day in her life. Her sparkling disposition makes her a jewel worth discovering!

Reach out to for more about adopting any one of NSALA’s adorable adoptables!

Available for adoption through Almost Home Animal Rescue


Munchie is a sweet but shy little girl who gets along wonderfully with other cats and loves to play! Munchie will need a patient owner to give her time to come out of her shell.


**Special Request** 2-year-old Midnight is such a handsome boy! He is extremely friendly and social, especially enjoying getting pets & chin scratches! Midnight gets along well with the other cats and has been with Almost Home for quite some time now. He often gets overlooked because he is FIV+. Many people aren’t sure exactly what this means, but FIV can only be spread from cat to cat if they draw blood during a fight. It cannot be transmitted from sharing a litter box, water bowls, or food dishes. FIV+ cats can totally live normal happy healthy lives. Why not open your heart and home to Midnight today!

Little Sister

Tiger Boy

**Senior Alert** Almost Home also has many senior cats who are often overlooked because most people want a cute kitten. Understandable, but did you know that there are many benefits of adopting older pets; they are likely already trained, calmer, require less supervision than their younger counterparts and always seem to show a tremendous amount of gratitude towards their later-in-life adopters. So don’t wait, call Almost Hope to set up a meet and greet with Guinness, Hobbes, Little Sister, Murray, Midnight, or Tigerboy today!

For more information about any one of these adorable adoptables, contact Almost Home Animal Rescue at or call 631-627-3665.

Available for adoption at the Town of Smithtown Animal Shelter

Popcorn and Pretzel

Popcorn is a 10-month-old female Domestic Short Hair, while Pretzel is a 10-month-old gray and white Domestic Short Hair fella. These two are great friends who would like to be adopted together. They were found as part of a cat hoarding situation, where they grew up having very little human interaction. Fortunately, after a few months in the care of the Animal Shelter, they’ve started to come out of their shells. Popcorn is the more outgoing of the two, but Pretzel still has a lot of love to give and is always sticking by Popcorn’s side! Their purrfect home would be a quiet, adult-only space that is dog free. Popcorn and Pretzel are used to living with other cats, so they would get along well in a home with potential kitty siblings.


**Senior Alert** Randy is an 8-year-old male Domestic Shorthair tabby who was surrendered to the Animal Shelter by his previous owner. He is a very outgoing guy who enjoys meeting new friends. When he first meets you, he’ll rub himself on your legs and give a friendly little squeak! He also has a bit of a sassy side to him, and he likes acting like he is the king of the castle. Randy gets along well with other cats, but not with dogs, and would like to live in an adult only furrever home that can shower him with love. Randy’s front paws are declawed.

If these kitties sound like a good match for you, please call 631-360-7575 today for more information today!

As always, thanks for reading and please remember to always adopt, never shop…pass it on!

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