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There’s hardly a better way to celebrate “National Adopt a Cat Month” than opening up your heart and home to a deserving furry companion. There’s plenty of fabulous felines to go around (and no shortage of cute dogs either), so don’t wait, head out to your local shelter or rescue and scoop one up today!

Available for adoption at Last Hope Animal Rescue

Reese Kittenspoon

Reese Kittenspoon is an adorable 2-year-old tabbico with white toes and a nose to match! Reese prefers her person over cats and will truly make a beautiful companion for someone who has a soft lap to lay on and a free hand for petting. She’ll pay you back with morning head butts and kisses on the lips with each greeting. To meet Reese by appointment at Last Hope in Wantagh, please complete and submit a cat adoption application found on the Last Hope website homepage.

Available for adoption at North Shore Animal League America

NSALA Reminder: Throughout the month of June, all adoption fees for kittens and cats will be covered by Wisdom Panel (for approved adopters.) Additionally, Wisdom Panel is donating $1 per kit sold to North Shore Animal League America, just another great reason to adopt a cat or kitten this month.


It’s hard to believe that not so long ago locally rescued Bagel (Adoption #BF3742) was fending for herself and her kittens outdoors. NSALA is happy to provide a much safer alternative for such a lovely mama cat who is ready to resume being a kitten herself. Two-year-old Bagel deserves a peaceful life and is quietly waiting for the opportunity to experience a love she’s never known before. Looking for someone to share breakfast with each morning? Bagel is longing to be your date furever!

Esme and Eagan

**Double Adoption** NSALA is working on convincing nine-month-old sisters Esme (Adoption #BF3765) and Eagan (Adoption #BF3766) that the life they have planned for them is a lot safer than the street life they’ve left behind. Esme is intrigued by treats and toys; it won’t be long before she’s convinced her being part of a family is wonderful after all. Eagan is carefully watching her sis make the first moves, but snacks pique her interest as well. A home with children 12 years old and older and adults experienced in giving shy kittens all the time and encouragement they need will guarantee a smooth transition into life as beloved family members in their very first home together.


Once Tirunesh (Adoption #E3407) settled into her first safe space after a life of uncertainty, she took on exploring it with a sense of security and joyful wonder she’s never experienced before. Like the champion after whom she is named, this tenacious one-year-old tortie has hurdled over her past obstacles and is hopeful to take home the gold at the finish line: a family worthy enough to take her home. Tirunesh likes to be part of a team of cats and would enjoy being part of your clowder at home. So if your household has feline friends (and children age 12 and older) waiting, then the future holds nothing but a triumph for Tirunesh if she goes home with you!


If this is a race to win your heart, 5-year-old Naoko (Adoption #E3408) is a clear winner! This outgoing survivor has put her troubled past behind her and is ready to run all the way home with you. You’re not going to be able to resist this graceful beauty. With her brilliant, expressive green eyes and grateful heart, she has been captivating from the moment she arrived. She’s brimming with positivity and has been a wonderful friend to her more timid roommates. Naoko would make a delightful companion to your cat seeking friendship in your home, but if you’re looking to bring two home, she’d be happy to have one of her friends join her on that freedom ride. Remember, when you adopt one animal, you save two lives: the pet you take home, and the one the rescue/shelter now has open space for.  If you adopt Naoko and a friend, you’ll be saving four lives!  Sprint over to meet Naoko today!


Four-year-old Uta’s (Adoption #E3412) very relaxed and charming demeanor is a far cry from her humble beginnings. NSALA is admiring this mini-house panther’s ability to leave the past behind her with an open heart for better days and new adventures ahead. She’s a wonderful choice for families looking to be lavished with lots of grateful attention, especially when a feline family member is open to welcoming a new buddy. Don’t miss out on adopting Uta; you’ll be her instant best friend and she may just be the hero you’ve been looking for too!


Three-year-old Coretta (Adoption #BF3777) was found here on Long Island, caring for her kittens outdoors, when a Good Samaritan gifted her the opportunity to renew her life. Now, this loving mama cat will never have to put her life on hold again. It’s Coretta’s turn to be spoiled with gentle ear rubs in a quiet home. She’s still shy as she adjusts to the changes she’s experiencing indoors, so a calm home (with children eight and above) will soothe away her concerns. After being a hero to her kittens, Coretta is ready to be rescued by her heroes: her brand new family!


When NSALA’s rescue team was notified of a tabby damsel in distress, they quickly delivered her to safety. Six-year-old Josie (Adoption #H207462) has had a lot to adjust to after the hardship of losing her home, but time and patience are specialties of Animal League America. Josie is looking for a human who has a heart bursting with love to provide her the safety she craves and the time she needs to reacclimatize to home living. A cat-experienced home with children eight years and above (and no other pets), will have this timid beauty craving more and more attention from you. If you’d like to be the hero Josie deserves, please ask about meeting her today.

Reach out to for more about adopting NSALA’s adorable adoptables!

Available for adoption at the Town of Smithtown Animal Shelter


Angel is a 7-year-old Blue Nosed Pit that has sadly been in the animal shelter for over three years. She is affectionate, goofy, and she loves people! Angel is also a big fan of car rides, stuffed animals, and lots of food! Angel is very intelligent and has a dominant personality. Her ideal owner will have experience with larger breeds and can properly read dog body language to help provide her with some structure and discipline. Due to her strong personality, Angel would do best in a home without children or any other pets. After all this time in the animal shelter, Angel deserves nothing more than a furever home that will love her endlessly.

For more information about adopting Angel, please call 631-360-7575 today for more information today!

As always, thanks for reading and please remember to always adopt, never shop…pass it on!

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