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When looking for a new best friend, it’s understandable why you might want a kitten or puppy, but there are lots of benefits associated with adopting a senior cat or dog. Senior animals often require less training, have calmer temperaments, and quite honestly, are truly in need of a forever home as older animals get adopted at a much lower rate than younger ones. Senior animals find themselves in shelters and rescues for reasons outside of their control and really thrive when given a safe, loving home to call their own. Please consider adopting one today!

Available for Adoption at Last Hope Animal Rescue


**Senior Alert** Jack is a 12-year-young senior in need of a home. Jack came to Last Hope from a shelter in Georgia as he was recently picked up as a stray. When he was found, he was eaten up by fleas and his skin was in pretty bad shape. It’s said that Jack’s owner likely passed away and somehow Jack wound up on his own. Thankfully Jack found his way into foster care and was able to recover — he looks amazing now and is ready for his actual forever home! If you can open your heart and home to Jack, please contact Last Hope at

Available for adoption at Allykatz


**Senior Alert** Sweetheart Gary is a senior kitty in need of a home where he can retire with his person.  Gary is missing quite a few teeth so he will need to eat soft food, but that’s easy enough! He would make a great companion for a fellow senior citizen.


Foxy and Roxy’s names not only rhyme, but they are an adorable, bonded pair of 4-month-old kitties that need to be adopted together. They love people and would prefer to live in a dog-free home.


Lolita is a bit of a shy 2-year-old who gets along well with other kitties. She will need a patient person that will give her the time she needs to adjust to a new home.  She would do well with a quiet home, perhaps with an older person that can give her the time, space, and eventually lots of affection.


Scarlet is a 1-year-old cutie who loves to play and can flip the switch from shy to energetic and playful! She loves toys and would also do best with a human who can help her out of her shell.

For more information about adopting Allykatz cuties, visit

Available for adoption at the Town of Smithtown Animal Shelter

The Avenger Pups

The Avenger Pups are a litter of adorable mushes that are all named after some of the unsung Avengers. Bucky, Falcon, Rhodie, and Barton (7-month-old male Staffordshire/pit mixes), while Shuri and Wanda are 7-month-old female Staffordshire/pit Mixes. Every single one of these pups has an incredibly happy, friendly, and affectionate personality. They’re very active, and love to run and play. They give the best kisses and snuggles! The Avenger Pups can be adopted as singles or in pairs, and they would do well in homes with children or large dogs.

If you are interested in meeting any of the Avenger Pups, call 631-360-7575.

Available for adoption at Almost Home Animal Rescue


**Senior Alert** Meet Mr. Murray! He is one of Almost Home’s sweet seniors. He’s 7 years young and ready for his forever home. Murray is a chill dude who enjoys snoozing most of the day. He gets along with just about every roommate he has.


Vachel comes all the way from South Carolina. He is a sweet, friendly, and social boy who loves to play with toys. He’d chase them around all day if you let him. He is looking for his forever family and wondering if that could be you!

For more information about adopting Murray or Vachel, please visit to fill out an adoption application.

Available for adoption at North Shore Animal League America

North Shore Animal League America is waiving all adoption feline (cats/kitten) adoption fees for approved adopters throughout the month of August.  Adoption Centers are open daily, 10 a.m.-6 p.m.  No appointment necessary.


**Senior Alert** Beautiful, 10-year-old friend Apollonia (Adoption #R166247) was returned to NSALA recently when her family could no longer care for her. They are saddened to be reunited with her as we had hoped this sweet senior had found a home to spend her life in after a perilous beginning. She’s already greeting everyone with enthusiastic pigeon purrs, grateful for the peaceful space NSALA has provided. Because Apollonia is a member of their Sponsor Program, all of the costs for her Irritable Bowel Disease are completely covered through their Pet Health Centers in Port Washington. Apollonia would appreciate being the only pet in her home. Although the reunion is bittersweet, they see the same regal beauty they remember her to be, and they look forward to introducing her to a new family committed to devoting their whole hearts to her.

Subway and Rune

**Double Adoption** Although Subway (Adoption #BF3505) and Rune (Adoption #BF3059) came from very different local rescue situations, their journeys intersected at Animal League America when they needed each other the most. Each needed intensive support from NSALA’s team to help them face the hesitance they had towards humans, which both overcame with time, patience, and dedication. The missing piece was the comfort and confidence they’ve each gained from the brotherhood they’ve developed in our care. Rune (just over a year old) looks to his older friend Subway (6 years old) for cues that they are safe. Subway’s confidence is buoyed by being so cherished by his little friend. Now, these best buddies are ready to set off for their new adventure together in a quiet, cat-experienced home with older children who will continue to support them as they settle into family life.

Shere Khan and Bhageera

**Double Adoption and Senior Alert** When 12-year-old, orange tabby Shere Khan (Adoption #BF3566) and 8-year-old black mini-panther Bhageera (Adoption #BF3567) lost their home recently, they stuck together to help each other through their crisis. Bhageera is already braving it and showing her brother new friends are worth snuggling. She’s an established lap warmer who wastes no time proving the wonders of senior adoption and gratitude. Although Shere Khan is more tentative than his sister, he can’t help but drop his guard for the chance at some ear rubs and treats. Other than being FIV+, the duo have a clean bill of health and are ready for their next steps. Love is the bare necessity missing in Shere Khan and Bhageera’s lives. Open your heart to some senior love and start a new chapter in their book!


**Senior Alert** Eleven-year-old Simone (Adoption #G23365) traveled all the way from Georgia to find the help needed to put her health back on track. While in the care of NSALA’s medical team for food allergies, this glamorous full-breed Birman stole every heart with whom she came into contact. Now on a special diet that has restored her to robust health, Simone is in search of a permanent lap to keep warm. You’re not going to want to leave her for a moment and that works just fine for her. Simone feels like she’s waited long enough for her special human.


**Senior Alert** When super 16-year-old Courage (Adoption #R106903) lost the only home he’d ever known, he was bereft realizing what he’d lost and wondered where he’d go next. The Animal League America vets provided him with a thorough health check and diagnosed him with previously untreated chronic renal disease. Their team has created a plan to maximize his health while minimizing the costs involved (through our Pet Health Centers) for his new family. Despite the shock of losing everything he’s known and loved, Courage has proven to be quite courageous as he navigates a whole new life.


The NSALA Medical Team was called in immediately when 1-year-old Jewel (Adoption #T105343) arrived from her overcrowded municipal shelter in Tennessee. Her injuries were extensive, but thanks to donors in their Help Me Heal program and the wonderful care she received in their Pet Health Centers, Jewel is back on all four paws and ready to meet her bright future. This sleek mini-panther is enthusiastically making new friends. You won’t believe she ever had a worrisome day in her life. Her sparkling disposition makes her a jewel worth discovering!

Reach out to for more about adopting NSALA’s adorable adoptables!

As always, thanks for reading, and please remember to always adopt, never shop…pass it on!

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