If you’re looking for a new best friend to play in the snow or watch the winter weather from your window with, check out this week’s list of animals ready to go home with you today!

Additionally, the NCSPCA would like to remind everyone to always bring pets indoors, including outdoor cats, at the first sign or warning of a storm. Pets left outside in extreme temperatures, especially without food or shelter, are at risk of hypothermia, frostbite, and even death. A few reminders:

  • Don’t let your dog off the leash after heavy snowfall. Dogs can lose their scent during winter storms and easily become lost.

  • Stock up ahead of time on all pet food and medicine your animals may need. *Travel may be much more difficult or impossible.

  • Prepare for a power outage, especially if your family includes fish, reptiles, or pocket pets.

  • Keep a pet emergency kit and supplies handy with items such as medical records, water, pet food and medications, and pet first aid supplies.

  • Clean off your dog’s paws with a moist washcloth after going outside. Snow-melting salt can be very painful to dogs’ feet and can make them ill when ingested.

  • Have a coat and booties ready for any dog that needs them. Be ready to protect your pets from strong wind and cold.

  • It can be a crime to leave pets outside in extreme temperatures. If you see something, please make a report to your local SPCA or by calling 516-THE-SPCA.

Available for adoption at the Town of Hempstead Animal Shelter


Elijah came to the shelter as a stray in July 2021 – and boy, was he terrified. Months later, he is still very anxious, but all he wants is a loving home, to feel safe, and to cuddle. Elijah is 100% house trained, enjoys hanging out in a crate, is very loving and affectionate, and just wants to cuddle and get belly rubs. Elijah is dog friendly but would prefer to be the only pet in the household as he seems very scared of other dogs and doesn’t want to engage at all. He will run away if a dog tries to play with him. So ideally, a friendly balanced dog sibling or him being an “only child” is best. Staff and volunteers would love to see him continue to come out of his shell in a loving, safe home. His ideal home would be with a patient family with adults only right now, due to his general nervousness at the shelter.

To learn more about Elijiah, please contact the shelter’s placement team at 516-785-5220 or

Available for adoption at Tender Loving Cats


Esperanza is a very loving almost-1-year-old kitten who had a bad eye injury when she was found. It has healed up nicely and she is learning to trust and play with other kittens and cat in the fosters home. Esperanza is a purring machine who enjoys being held and swaddled. She enjoys playing with mouse toys and wand toys. Esperanza has become more friendly and curious which is exactly what we wanted for her. Let’s help find her a great home.


Born in March 2021, Macy is a beautiful black and white kitten who is independent and curious. This sweet kitten enjoys playtime and other cats. Macy’s foster describes her as gentle and submissive. If you are looking for a quiet and sweet kitty than Macy is for you!

To meet Esperanza or Macy, complete and adoption application at

Available for adoption at the Town of Smithtown Animal Shelter

Iris, Ian, and Luna

Meet the Smithtown Animal Shelter’s Pets of the Week, Iris, Ian, and Luna! Iris and Ian are a pair of bonded siblings who were both brought to the Animal Shelter as part of the Trap-Neuter-Release (TNR) Program. Ian and Iris are 7-month-old kitties who were very skittish and shy when they first arrived at the Shelter, but with time, they have learned to love and trust people. Ian is a total mush, while Iris is more adventurous, but both kitties enjoy getting attention whenever they can. These two playful loves would do well together in a quiet home without any children.

Luna is an affectionate 2-year-old gal who was found with her kittens through the TNR Program. Luna gets along well with other cats, and she loves getting attention from humans. She is a sweet and petite low-key lady who would be a perfect addition to any family.

Currently, there are a variety of male and female cats and kittens available to adopt or foster. If you are looking for a fun loving, yarn tossing ball of love, stop by the Kitten Nursery or the Cat Condos at the Smithtown Animal Shelter and find a PURR-fect soulmate or two!

If you are interested in meeting Iris, Ian and/or Luna, please call 631-360-7575.

Available for adoption at the Town of Babylon Animal Shelter


Finnley (Finn) is a super special pup in need of a very special family. Finn is a nervous boy who needs a quiet home to learn how to be a dog. He’s had a very hard life and need an understanding and patient family to help him acclimate to home life. Until recently, Finn was living in an outside pen chained to a tree when his owner passed away and the shelter was called to come get him. The amazing staff and volunteers have taken care of him and now he’s ready to move on and find his forever family.

Finnley is an absolute love. He loves to play fetch, go in the pool, roll in the grass, learn new tricks and just be with people. He just needs someone who will give him time and patience to become the best boy he can be. Finn must be the only pet and would do best with teens or older.

For more information about adopting or Finnley, please contact the shelter at 631-643-9270.

Available for adoption at North Shore Animal League America


**Senior Alert** Looking for a friendly lady to take up space in your heart? When Carnita (Adoption #BF3796) needed a safe place to land, Animal League America welcomed her with the promise of a happy new beginning on the horizon. This sensational 10-year-old is keeping up with the fun, young ones in her room, and loves to admire playgroups from her shelf. Her favorite pastime is receiving ear rubs from friends in exchange for a treat. This is a much better deal than she’d received in the past. NSALA vets discovered that Carnita has hyperthyroidism and will be covered through NSALA Pet Health Centers, making her transition to life in your home seamless for everyone.


Silly Seneca (Adoption #BF3871) needed some lessons on harnessing her bottomless energy. Fortunately for her, she found herself in the best school possible to be tutored! This dynamic 4-month-old kitten has a zest for life that leaves a lot of her quiet companions asking for a time out, but energetic cats like her are in for the best times of their life! If you can relate to the class clown, and need a friend for your cat at home, you’re in for a sweet treat! Seneca’s energy may be a lot for little children under 12 years old to handle, but in the right hands, you’ll find her purring for more rubs before she’s off to wrestle with her new best friend!


**Senior Alert** When sweet senior Samantha (Adoption #D44734) lost her lifelong companion, she lost her home, too. NSALA welcomed this lovely 14-year-old lady with open arms, and she’s rewarded them with her full trust that a bright future awaits her in a peaceful home once again. NSALA vets have created a plan to treat her hyperthyroidism, and she’ll receive this care at cost through their Pet Health Centers. They want to ensure that nothing stands in Samantha’s way of being cherished again by a devoted hero family.


If you’re in search of an inspiring companion, look no further than Lenape (Adoption #BF3872)! This 5-year-old black beauty is more than just a handsome face; he’s a true survivor! Despite humble beginnings here on Long Island, he’s seizing this moment to captivate every human he encounters, letting them know how lucky he feels to be treated to the love and warmth of his Animal League America family. Wait until he finds out the best is yet to come once he’s scooped up by a lucky family of his own and delivered to his first real home. Lenape missed out on one-on-one time in the beginning of his life, so we’re looking for a household that will make him their top priority as the only pet. You’re going to be glad you have someone so eager to thank you by your side furever more.


Whatever adventures 2-year-old Galapagos (Adoption #D48059) may have lived prior to his arrival at Bianca’s Furry Friends Feline Adoption Center, this weary boy is keeping them secret from us. The past is behind him, and better days are ahead so he is expectant of gentle hands and patience from the new humans he greets. If you live in a quiet home (with children over age 12) with room to welcome someone content to leave unpredictable excitement behind him for a safe, secure life, Galapagos would love to fill that feline void.


Despite the hard times 6-year-old Keke (Adoption #H211452) recently fell upon when he lost his home, he’s open to new possibilities — especially if they mean lots of cheek rubs. NSALA vets have treated Keke for megacolon and to make his care as simple to manage as possible, he’s joined their Sponsor program. This means his care is covered fully through their Pet Health Centers. NSALA wants Keke back in a home as soon as possible — he’s far too sweet to have to wait — and partnering with their medical team will make caring for Keke as easy as loving him. If you’ve already fallen for his big head, you’re in for a treat when you discover his big heart!

Chance and Spots

**Double Adoption** Despite the difficult life they shared before they were rescued, one-year-olds sisters Chance (Adoption #BF3948) and Spots (Adoption #BF3949) vowed to support each other furrever. You’ll find them giving each other comfort as they navigate all the new firsts in their lives. These beautiful girls never knew so much freedom before. An experienced, quiet home is what they deserve to begin a fresh start, so if you have older children and a patient heart, you may be exactly who they’ve been waiting for to be their ultimate hero.

If you’d like to meet or adopt any one of these adorable adoptables, please email for more information or come down for a visit at their Port Washington campus.

As always, thanks for reading and please remember to always adopt, never shop…pass it on!

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