Bay Shore’s Goldy’s Gems Serves Up Crowd-pleasing G&T Sour

goldy's gems
Goldy’s Gems’ G&T sour

The classic gin and tonic cocktail can be ordered at any bar, whether it’s at the tavern down the street or the eclectic cocktail bar in town. But the G&T sour can only be ordered at Bay Shore’s Goldy’s Gems.

“The general concept for Goldy’s Gems was inspired by showcasing something familiar and approachable with the thought of blending newer and more modern elements into our offerings and overall atmosphere,” says Michael Lessing Jr., group area operations manager at Lessing’s Hospitality Group. “The inspiration for our cocktail program was derived from that same mindset. One of our favorites, the G&T sour, presents something almost everyone can relate to in a gin and tonic.”

The G&T sour isn’t your typical gin and tonic. While there are classic elements, it stands out to the gin and tonic purist.

“On the menu, it catches the eye of anyone who loves the classic mixed drink, and for many who are still apprehensive about getting a cocktail with egg whites in it,  it’s just enough of a nudge to get them out of their comfort zone and try something new,” he says.

The cocktail is made with Ford’s Gin, lemon juice, meringue (egg white), and a house-made green tea-tonic cordial.

“All the ingredients are shaken dry to create the frothy texture of meringue, and then shaken a second time with ice,” Lessing says. “We garnish this cocktail with cracked black pepper after it is double strained into a coupe glass.”

For drinkers looking for a classic sour cocktail on the menu, one with a balance of sweet and sour, the G&T sour is the way to go.

“The sweet, tart flavors are timeless, but it’s the hints of the green tea and tonic cordial that serve as nostalgia to anyone who’s enjoyed a G&T in their day,” he says. “In my opinion it’s fun twists and notes of familiarity that keep guests coming back for more.”

“The G&T sour has turned into one of our best sellers,” he says. “At any bar, there is a customer to be served who willingly goes for the sour, but when you add something memorable to it, you can open the door to someone who wants to step out. It doesn’t matter what decade you live in, anyone can enjoy a good G&T!”

Goldy’s Gems is located at 5 Third Ave., Bay Shore. It can be reached at 631-665-9596 or lessings.com/corporate/restaurants/venue/goldys-gems.

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