Bridal Tips: How to Choose the Right Wedding Officiant

wedding officiant
Couples can ask the following questions as they look to hire an officiant for their wedding.

Couples make many decisions when planning their weddings. Choice of officiant is one decision that’s worthy of significant consideration.

Many couples may have an officiant in mind before they begin planning their wedding. Couples with no such option can ask the following questions as they look to hire an officiant for their wedding.

Can you legally officiate our wedding? Each state has its own requirements regarding who can sign the paperwork necessary for couples to be considered legally married. An officiant should meet these requirements.

What services do you provide? Some officiants will do more than officiate the wedding. Some will help couples obtain their marriage license and even submit the documentation after the wedding. Those services can be important, but many couples are more concerned with what officiants will do before and during the ceremony. Ask if the officiant will write his or her own remarks to be delivered during the ceremony. Some couples may want to write remarks for the officiant, while others may need help crafting the message they want to convey. 

How flexible are you? Ask how officiants handle feedback and how willing they are to deliver remarks they did not necessarily write themselves. Some officiants may have a template they customarily follow, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they won’t stray and personalize the ceremony based on couples’ wishes. Couples should ask such officiants how far they’re willing to stray from their routine if necessary. 

Do you have a portfolio? Written testimonials from past clients can be invaluable, but couples can get a true feel for an officiant’s style by watching video of ceremonies they’ve officiated in the past. Ask prospective officiants if they can share video of weddings they’ve presided over. It’s not a red flag if officiants have no such video, which couples may have forgotten to share. But video can help couples get an accurate idea of how officiants may preside over their ceremony.

Will we work together prior to the ceremony? Many officiants will ask to meet with a couple at least once before the wedding so they can get to know them as well as possible. Ask each officiant if this is their policy. Pre-wedding meetings can be conducted in person or via Zoom. When discussing a meeting before the wedding, ask the officiant if he or she will attend the wedding rehearsal. It’s not customary for officiants to do so, though some might be willing to attend the rehearsal, especially if the ceremony will feature any elaborate components that require their involvement.

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