You can’t celebrate National Pet Parents Day this Sunday without a pet of course, so why not adopt one (or more) of these adorable cats and dogs that would just love to go home with you today?

Available for adoption at North Shore Animal League America

Chance and Spots

**Double Adoption** Despite the difficult life they shared before they were rescued, Chance (Adoption #BF3948) and her sister Spots (Adoption #BF3949) vowed to support each other furever. You’ll find them giving each other comfort as they navigate all the new firsts in their lives. Watching them discover all the ordinary experiences cats typically enjoy fills everyone with so much joy! Chasing balls and bathing in catnip are just some of their favorite activities. These beautiful girls never knew so much freedom—or love—before. They’re ready to share their joy with you.

Edward and Charlie

**Double Adoption** Edward Cullen (Adoption #PR00061) and Charlie Chaplin (Adoption #PR00062) started their rescue story in a foster home together in Puerto Rico, but it wasn’t until they reconnected in a room at Bianca’s Furry Friends Feline Adoption Center that we saw a true bond begin to grow. Edward clearly finds confidence in Charlie’s company, and although Charlie is quite shy, he too feels safer when his friend is nearby. Wouldn’t you love to follow their story all the way to your living room?

Piper and Pearl

**Senior Alert and Double Adoption** 13-year-old Pearl (Adoption #SPC314) and her 7-year-old daughter Piper (Adoption #SPC315) faced a huge obstacle when they recently lost their home. With their trusted friends at Animal League America by their side, these tentative ladies have taken comfort in the quiet room they share in Bianca’s Furry Friends Feline Adoption Center. After taking time to regroup, these devoted ladies have ventured out of hiding to warmly greet visitors to their room. Both are quite motivated to share treats with new friends! While you may find Piper greeting you by the door, Pearl likes to hang back and receive visitors from her bed. Our vets have put together a terrific plan for Pearl’s hyperthyroidism, which is covered at cost through our Pet Health Centers. A quiet, cat-experienced home with older children will fill them up with the love they’ve missed, and in return, they’ll show you their gratitude for setting their lives back on track towards happiness.


**Senior Alert** 13-year-old Pixie’s (Adoption #SPC316) life lost its magic when her owner passed away. Taken from the only home she’d ever known; this distinguished senior beauty needed our help to work out all of the abrupt changes to her life. NSALA has offered her a peaceful spot while we find her a family who vow to offer her the sanctuary, she needs to regain her confidence. The progress she’s made already with treat encouragement has everyone very hopeful that a nurturing, patient adult will delight in sharing their heart with her as much as we have. Your quiet home may be exactly what Pixie needs to renew her magical life.

Pirate and Nero

**Double Adoption** Pirate (Adoption #G27927) and Nero (Adoption #G27928) traveled all the way from Georgia, enthusiastic about sharing new adventures together in Bianca’s Furry Friends Feline Adoption Center. These 6-month-old, male kittens have a lifetime of love ahead of them. They just need the right humans to include them in family fun!


Tanya (Adoption #G27930) may seem a little bit timid at first, but we can’t fault her for wondering what’s next in her rescue adventure. This gorgeous 2-year-old Georgia peach would love to be settled into a quiet life with an enamored family, one who’ll have treats and encouraging chin rubs always ready. With a blink of an eye, you’ll have won over a new best friend, the one who’ll never forget how much better her life is now that she’s finally home with you.


**Senior Alert** Sweet Zoe (Adoption #H205276) has lost her zest after losing the only home she’s ever known due to her humans’ allergies. NSALA is going to help turn her heartbreak into happiness by finding her a nice, quiet household. Hope you have plenty of time for ear rubs because that’s exactly what this sweet 8-year-old calico needs to feel she’s safe and sound. Wouldn’t you love to be the one to end her uncertain days and carry her off to her happily ever after?

Milo and Mova

**Double Adoption** Locally rescued Milo (Adoption #H211247) and Mova (Adoption #H211248) don’t mind moving from their rescuer’s care to Bianca’s Furry Friends Feline Adoption Center, and they don’t mind the hustle and bustle of shelter days. As long as these loyal 10-month-old brothers have each other by their sides, they know they can get through anything. Want to show them how much fun being part of a family can be? Come visit NSALA’s Port Washington campus and ask about offering Milo and Mova a permanent place in your heart and home.

For more information about adopting NSALA’s adorable adoptables, contact [email protected].

Available for adoption through Tender Loving Cats


Layla is a sweet young cat that purrs happily when petted. She is a very easy-going cat. All Layla loves is lots of love and attention in between her naps, not to mention her favorite time is treat time! Layla is an affectionate girl that will do well in a home as the queen of her castle, so a home without pets would be best. Let’s find her the best home.

To adopt Layla complete an adoption application here:

You can schedule a meeting at Petsmart North Babylon, 1208 Deer Park Ave. by emailing [email protected].

Available for adoption at the Babylon Animal Shelter


**Senior Alert** 10-year-old Bindi came to the shelter wagging her tail last May. She can be vocal and assertive, but hey, girl power! Bindi loves to play fetch and if she can get two or three fetch items in her mouth at the same time, then even better. Bindi would love to spend her golden years with love and of course her ball. Bindi has been very stressed in the shelter environment, and she seeks a home as the only pet and kids over 8 years old. Please consider giving this sweet senior ball playing girl a home.

For more information about adopting Bindi, email [email protected].

Available for adoption at the Town of Smithtown Animal Shelter

Sunny Girl

**Senior Alert** Sunny Girl is a 9-to-10-year-old gal who is as friendly and sweet as her name suggests. Sunny and her siblings arrived at the Animal Shelter after losing their mom. She is a chunky, loving senior cat that will curl up on your lap and reciprocate all of the love that you give her. Sunny has an overactive thyroid, so she will require medications twice a day and visits to the vet twice a year to help monitor her thyroid levels. Sunny came from a home with many other cats, and she tends to get along with cats and children.

Currently, there are a variety of male and female cats and kittens available to adopt or foster. If you are looking for a fun loving, yarn tossing ball of love, stop by the Kitten Nursery or the Cat Condos at the Smithtown Animal Shelter and find a PURR-fect soulmate or two!

For more information about adopting Sunny Girl, call the Smithtown Animal Shelter at 631-360-7575.

As always, thanks for reading and please remember to always adopt, never shop…pass it on!

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